Former Franciscan monastery Marienthal

Marienthal · Westerwald

The monastery Marienthal and the monastery and pilgrimage church "Zur Schmerzhaften Mutter" belong to the archdiocese Cologne and are part of the catholic parish "St. Jacobus und Joseph" to Altenkirchen. The roots of the former Franciscan monastery go back to the 17th century. The house has retained its monastic character throughout its eventful history. Today it is used again for spiritual edification and as an atmospheric place for seminars and conferences, but also for festivities and leisure activities. Well known far beyond the borders of the region are the Chapel of Grace in the pilgrimage church with the picture of the "Painful Mother" from the 15th century and the Way of the Cross, which is beautifully situated on a hillside opposite the monastery. Since the middle of the 15th century, the monastery village of Marienthal has been a popular place of pilgrimage. Contact: Förderverein "Klosterdorf-Marienthal" Am Kloster 15 57577 Marienthal Phone: 0049 2682/9660966 Fax: 0049 2682/9660909


Arrival by train: stop Kloster Marienthal

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Former Franciscan monastery Marienthal

Förderverein „Klosterdorf-Marienthal“
Am Kloster 15
57537 Marienthal

Tel.: (0049) 2682 9660966