The Hunsrück-Museum

Simmern · Hunsrück

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The Hunsrück-Museum in Simmern provides insights into the natural and cultural landscape and the economic history of the Hunsrück region and into the history of the Palatine Counts in Simmern, and displays jewellery worn by the princes of Simmern as well as information on the book printing trade and the minting of coins. Friedrich Karl Ströher Art Collection (1876 - 1925) - Almost all of this painter and sculptor life´s work ist exhibited as part of a rotating exhibition in the rooms housing the Ströher art collection. Sketches from his time as a student at the Colarossi Academy and espressionistic watercolour paintings from the last years of his life, which he spent in his native Hunsrück, are worth seeing as much as the sculptures, coloured woodcuttings and biographical documents. HEIMAT film exhibition - the Hunsrück mountain renge has been the backdrop for many cinema and television films, including the films "Schwarzer Kies" ("Black Gravel") and "The Schinderhannes", directed by Helmut Käutner. The director Edgar Reitz made cinematic and television history in Germany with the legendary film and television series "HEIMAT I, II und III"; in the progress he made the Hunsrück region world-fomous. The shooting of the series is featured in the film section of the Hunsrück- Museum in the form of props, photographs and documents.

The Hunsrück-Museum

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