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Koppenstein Castle Ruins

South of Gemünden, on the northern edge of the Henau district, stands the 16-metre-high keep of the former castle and town of Koppenstein, set atop the crest of a hill scattered with massive quartzite boulders. The structure is one of the oldest castles in the Hunsrück region. The hilltop settlement that sprang up around the castle was granted its town charter by the emperor in 1330, but never attained great importance as a town. The location, the harsh climate, the lack of arable and grazing land along with the poor water supply, all stood in the way of further development. Towards the end of the 16th century, the local residents gradually left the town.
The last inhabitant of Koppenstein, Margarete Rosenstein, died in 1821 at the age of 72 in a courtyard house at the entrance to the ruined castle. The Hunsrück dialect poet Peter Josef Rottmann wrote a poem, “The Maiden of Koppenstein”, inspired by the enigmatic “Koppenstein Gretchen” and her mysterious origins – her father is said to have been a knight of Dhaun and her mother a shepherdess. In 1812, the castle was bought by Baron von Schmidtburg. His heirs and descendants, the Barons of Salis-Soglio, still own the ruin today. On a clear day, the platform at the top of the pentagonal keep offers a magnificent view over the high plateaus of the Hunsrück Mountains.
Opening hours: The tower is open all year round.

The castle complex is only a 800 m walk from the Koppenstein castle ruins car park (K 62).
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Burgruine Koppenstein ARGO

Burgruine Koppenstein
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