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Kastellaun · Hunsrück

In the middle of the old center of Kastellaun there is an ancient building: Kastellaun Castle!

The castle and with it the town of Kastellaun were first mentioned in documents in the early 13th century.
The castle belonged to the Counts of Sponheim, who, however, had their ancestral seat near Bad Kreuznach.
The Sponheimers only resided in Kastellaun under Simon II in the 14th century. Two centuries later, Margrave Eduard Fortunatus von Baden chose the Kastellaun castle as a temporary residence. In the Palatinate War of Succession, the castle was destroyed in 1689.
In the 18th century, Kastellaun and its castle ruins fell under French rule, which lasted until 1815.
Then Kastellaun was part of the Prussian Rhine Province.

In 1884 the city acquired the castle ruins and carried out an initial restoration.
At the end of the 20th century there was another major renovation.
Today Kastellaun Castle again raises defiant walls into the sky.

Burg Kastellaun ARGO

Haus der regionalen Geschichte
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