Besucherbergwerk Schmittenstollen

Niederhausen · Naheland

The Lemberg, about 420 metres above sea level, is the highest summit in the Nahe valley offering many mining pecularities and a cultural treasure: The Schmittenstollen.
The Schmittenstollen, going back to the Middle Ages, is the only mercury mine in Western Europe open to the public.
This place of worship, consecrated the Roman God Mercury, on top of the Lemberg suggests that even the Romans digged for ores here. Mining can be traced back to the 15th century. The last mining of mercury took place from 1936 to 1942. In the mine open to the public today you can recognize the parts of the tunnel worked in the rock with mining hammers in the Late Middle Ages. In the last century they used machines and explosives.
The guided tour underground makes visitors feel under which hard circumstances generations of miners digged for mercury for centuries. The average temperature of about 8 degrees Celsius and the clean air are very refreshing, even for allergy sufferers.
A wine and beer garden offers regional specialties, such as local beer, excellent Nahe wine, homemade fruit juice in the middle of nature. Our barbecue area is best for families, firms and clubs.
Our play ground, a quiz on local trees, an insect hotel, a “green” classroom and a herb garden leave no boredom among children and pupils of all age groups. Of course they can find “little gems” on the mine site.
The forest stage is the ideal place for activities in the forest, such as May festivals (1 May) and a so-called “Bavarian festival” in October. Every month gifted musicians offer a Sunday concert.
A trail including marvellous views of the Nahe valley and some “surprises” on your way leads from the Niederhausen reservoir to the mine in 45 minutes.
You can return via Feilbingert to the “Waldparkplatz” (parking in the forest) by bus or car. Visitors who want to avoid the steep descent (about 600 meters) will be picked up.

Besucherbergwerk Schmittenstollen

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