Baroque Chapel Machern Monastery

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The baroque chapel in the former Cistercian monastery of Machern is nestled between vineyards and woods; surrounded by famous vineyards, e.g. "Ürziger Würzgarten", "Zeltinger Himmelreich", "Wehlener Sonnenuhr", but also the "Bernkasteler Doctor" is not far away. Even before the foundation of the Cistercian nunnery, viticulture was practised on the present site (e.g. "Alt Machern"). The actual foundation took place in 1238, when it was incorporated into the Cistercian Order as a nunnery and subordinated to Himmerod Abbey.
Its location in the heart of the Middle Moselle and the important position of the Cistercian Order in European viticulture (above all Burgundy, Rheingau, Moselle) made it an influential wine-growing centre. In the past, iron ores from the Eifel were loaded in the port of Rachtig on the Machern side of the Moselle. Merchants, who stocked the wine and leather markets along the Moselle, stopped for a rest in Machern; of course also the pilgrims, who presented their requests and infirmities. The church in the monastery Machern housed all kinds of relics; among others also those of the patron Cornelius. In his honour, the mass is still held today, on 16.09. with subsequent blessing of the children. At the beginning of the 18th century, the monastery was given its present Baroque form, which culminated in the important decoration of the monastery church (today a Baroque hall and chapel). After 1803 it was secularised by Napoleon and managed as an agricultural vineyard by the van Ellinkhuizen family and later Grach. Between 1864 and 1945 the poetess "Cornelia von Machern" (Miss Josefine Grach) lived here. She also wrote about the place "Inkart". Located between Wehlen and Machern it was completely destroyed during the plague. A small chapel testifies to this location. In March 1969 the private property changed from family Grach to family Franz Schneider. For the first time, the monastery Machern was restored as a meeting place for the public, winery and cultural site.
In July 2000 the monastery was bought by the Günther Reh family, renovated for its current use and made available to the public. Today it accommodates numerous leisure activities, gastronomy, a monastery brewery and the Historical Toy, Doll and Icon Museum.
Concerts in the baroque hall let you experience the beautiful acoustics in the baroque hall. An afternoon in summer on one of the terraces - pure relaxation! A hiking break from the Moselsteig here in Machern is exactly the middle of the long-distance and quality hiking trail. Go on a voyage of discovery in the farm estate "Kloster Machern"! In the museum you will also find the central information point about the monastery, the surrounding region and tips on other hiking trails. For example the Ürziger Gewürzgarten, the Zeltinger Sortengarten and the Wehlener Obstartweg.

Baroque Chapel Machern Monastery

Abtei "Kloster Machern"
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