Barfußpfad Bad Sobernheim

Bad Sobernheim · Naheland

Down and over, through and up. Stomping knee-deep through clay, shimmying on a rope through the Nahe River, the water up to your thighs, barefoot over sand, stones, meadow and bark grist and all the while a relaxed smile on your face. Exploring nature barefoot is different, it is adventure and variety, exciting and informative all at the same time.

 The 3.5 km long circuit leads over a dexterity course and various ground coverings along the Nahe River. After a break at one of the picnic areas bordering the circuit path, you return to the starting point via a suspension bridge or by the Nachen, a special kind of boat. Along the way, you wander through 300 million years of earth history. Panels inform about geological peculiarities of the animal and plant world.

Special features: pedestrian suspension bridge, ford, boat crossing. Lockers (1, - Euro) for shoes etc. foot washer and snack booth in the entrance area. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on this route.

Address for navigation device: Staudernheimer Str. 90, 55566 Bad Sobernheim, Germany

Barfußpfad Bad Sobernheim

Barfußpfad Bad Sobernheim
Staudernheimer Str. 90
55566 Bad Sobernheim

Tel.: (0049) 6751 81 1163