Alter Turm

Elmstein · Pfalz

"Old tower" - Elmstein / Appenthal

In 1488 the local pilgrimage church of St. Maria was built, the tower of which still exists as a ruin. It belonged to the parish of Elmstein. Elector Philip the Sincere endowed two priestly benefices here for permanent pastoral care. According to an undated document, his son, Elector Ludwig V, endowed a weekly vigil with a mass for the souls "for the pious visitors and benefactors of the pilgrimage church" around 1510.

Text excerpt from: Franz Xaver Glasschröder: "Urkunden zur Pfälzischen Kirchengeschichte im Mittelalter", Munich 1903, p. 151 f.

The remains of St. Mary's Church, called the "Old Tower", characterize the townscape to this day.

Alter Turm

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