The coronavirus situation in Rhineland Palatinate

Due to the spread of the corona virus, public life and tourist facilities in Rhineland-Palatinate are again affected by restrictions. Since 2nd of november 2020, tourist travel in Rhineland-Palatinate is prohibited.

In the following, we provide you with an up-to-date overview and important information on the restrictions based on compliance with the protective and safety measures.


Please note

Before you book or visit a facility or establishment in Rhineland Palatinate, please inform yourself about the current opening hours and applicable conditions for your visit. In addition, to further contain the spread of the coronavirus, the general social distancing rule of 1.5 metres applies. Gatherings in public spaces are still prohibited.

Facilities and establishments

According to the latest resolutions passed by the state government of Rhineland‑Palatinate and the Conference of Minister Presidents on 3 March 2021, the opening of individual leisure and travel facilities is based on fixed opening schedules and coronavirus case numbers in the individual counties and cities.

The ban on staying away from home for tourist purposes remains in place.

Irrespective of local case numbers, the following services are currently unavailable:

Overnight accommodation:

  • campsites, camper van sites and motorhome sites,
  • hotels, bed and breakfasts, boarding houses, guest houses, inns and youth hostels, and
  • holiday homes, holiday apartments and private accommodation.

If required, these can open exclusively for non-tourist travel in accordance with the general safety measures.

Leisure activities:

  • swimming pools, saunas and wellness facilities.

Facilities with the option to open by appointment:

The following leisure facilities may open depending on the opening schedule and local case numbers. However, further specific restrictions are to be expected for each location:

  • outdoor restaurants,
  • museums,
  • galleries,
  • memorials,
  • zoos and wildlife parks,
  • botanical gardens,
  • cinemas, and
  • theatres, concert halls, opera houses and cabaret theatres.

Please consult the provider to find out what, if any, restrictions are in place.

You can find more detailed, up-to-date information on the website of the state government of Rhineland‑Palatinate here

Information on entry restrictions and quarantine regulations in Germany from the Federal Foreign Office here

Case numbers:

A map giving an overview of current coronavirus case numbers in Rhineland‑Palatinate and its counties and cities can be found here

There is also an interactive map from the Robert Koch Institute here

Travelers from risk areas (domestic and foreign)

Please inform yourself about the current risk assessment of your home region in good time before you book a travel to Rhineland-Palatinate. This assessment should urgently be taken into account when deciding on the start of your journey.

The leaflet for travellers from abroad published by the Federal Ministry of Health provides additional information: To the leaflet

In addition, the Federal Ministry of Health provides information on digital entry registration: To the information (only in German)

The Robert Koch Institute provides further information on the latest developments for travel from countries with a high coronavirus risk. 

Events and transport


Religious services as well as religious and non-confessional gatherings are permitted subject to specific conditions.

Events that serve as entertainment are currently prohibited.

Public and commuter rail transport

People must wear face coverings at all times when using public transport.

Bus and boat trips

Bus and boat trips for tourist purposes are currently prohibited.

Travellers from other countries

Border crossings with neighbouring EU countries will remain open, but tourist and non-essential private travel will be prohibited.

Please contact the relevant authorities in your home country to inform yourself about the applicable exit regulations to neighbouring countries in good time for your trip to Rhineland Palatinate.

Further information

More detailed information can be obtained from the relevant authorities in Rhineland Palatinate, including the State Chancellery of Rhineland Palatinate and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture.

Links relevant to businesses, such as those related to financial aid, have been clearly collated on the Tourismusnetzwerk Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland Palatinate Tourism Network) website.

(Version 04.03.2021)


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