Holidays in Rhine-Hesse

Wine & culture in Germany's largest wine region

Rhine-Hesse is Germany‘s largest wine region - a landscape dominated by vines as far as the eye can see, and across which the majestic Rhine River has carved a path over millennia. Vintners produce modern, dynamic wines here, as well as the traditional opulent and highly complex premium products with international renown. Wine taverns and restaurants beckon with premium-quality regional cuisine, enjoyed in wonderful seating areas, surrounded by exciting architecture in historical surroundings or contemporary structures. Explore the history of Rhine-Hesse and experience the culture and city life of Mainz or Worms. Discover the stunning beauty of nature at guided tours of public gardens and on cycle trips across the wine region.

Discover nature

Gardens, herbs and hiking

In a region as fertile as Rheinhessen, the fruits of the Earth are a main focus of life. Rheinhessen is also known as the land of gardens and herbs, which can be experienced in many unique ways: There are wild herb hikes and guided tours of richly blossoming gardens. New hiking trails are planned to discover Germany's largest wine region by foot.

Hikers on the Hiwweltour Neuborn, Rhine-Hesse

Hikers on the Hiwweltour Neuborn, Rhine-Hesse

More travel highlights and activities in the Rhine-Hesse region:

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Find out everything you need to know on events, attractions and other destinations in Rhine-Hesse at Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH.

Hiwweltouren in Rhine-Hesse

There are nine ‘Hiwweltouren’ paths to explore in Rhine-Hesse. Be our guest and enjoy heaven on Earth.

Cycle paths in Rhine-Hesse

Discover Rhine-Hesse by bicycle, on the gentle and pretty Selz valley cycle path and Rhine Cycle Route or the sportier Hiwwel Route.

Romantic Cities: Trip to Mainz

The capital of Rhineland-Palatinate: Cathedral, Carnival & Gutenberg. Home of the famous Johannes Gutenberg who invented book printing here.

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Romantic Cities: Trip to Worms

Worms is witness to the highlights of European cultural history between the Middle Ages and modern times: from Jewish heritage, to the Reformation and through to the Romanesque Cathedral.

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Accommodation in Rhine-Hesse

Whether you are looking for a hotel or holiday home, a campsite or youth hostel, here is a list of accommodation options in Rhine-Hesse

Video: Master of letters. Following Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz

From Mainz, the most famous son of the city and master of letters changed the way the world read and learned in the 15th century: Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of modern letterpress printing.

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Nibelung Museum

Worms The multimedia Nibelung Museum is built into the medieval town wall with its battlemented parapet and two towers. Guided tour of the Nibelung saga on…

Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim - Imperial Palace

Ingelheim am Rhein Charlemagne (748 - 814) chose Ingelheim as a base for his travels through his Frankish Empire and had a representative Palatinate built - that was the…

Mainz State Museum

Mainz 200,000 YEARS OF CULTURAL HISTORY The Landesmuseum's art and cultural history collection extends from the Stone Age to the present day. Among them are…

Master of letters

Following in the footsteps of Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz

“Two thousand years of history have left their mark,” explains Dr Elmar Rettinger, historian and dedicated guide to the city of Mainz, the regional capital, with its churches, museums and monumental buildings. From here, the most famous son of the city and master of letters changed the way the world read and learned in the 15th century: Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of modern letterpress printing. The impressive Gutenberg Museum features not only historic and contemporary exhibits, but also the option to see a replica of one of Gutenberg’s printing presses in action.