Holidays in the Palatinate

...along the German Wine Route

In the Palatinate, Germany's second largest wine region, the weather and climate are particularly benevolent. Beyond the Palatinate Forest towards the Rhine Valley the scenery is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. Pink almond blossom appears in early spring, in summer the gardens are bursting with figs, lemons and tall oleander bushes and in autumn the grape harvest and wine festivals attract to this beautiful holiday region. The Geman Wine Route is littered with wine-making estates and historical wine towns. The Palatinate is a broad wine region whose friendly people are rooted to the soil - lovers of wine with a sunny disposition.

Hiking in the Palatinate

Graded hiking trails in the Palatinate

Three quality-approved hiking trails, which can be experienced on single and multi-day hikes, enrich the attractive hiking offering of the Palatinate: the Pfälzer Weinsteig (Palatine Wine Trail), the Pfälzer Waldpfad (Palatine Forest Trail) und the Pfälzer Höhenweg (Palatine Mountain Trail). Along mostly narrow trails, your hikes will take you through idyllic villages, past spectacular rock formations, or ancient castle ruins, and across working vineyards. Mountain inns and hiker-friendly hosts will add culinary fun to your hikes across the Palatinate.

Dionysian delights and untouched, deep forests - these are the greatest highlights on offer on your hike along the Pfälzer Weinsteig trail. The Pfälzer Weinsteig trail begins at the castle ruins Neuleiningen, and ends after 170 kilometres in Schweigen-Rechtenbahn, making it the longest of the Palatine trails. The route along the edge of the Haardt Mountains is dotted with ancient ruins of fortresses and gem-like wine villages, and offers spectacular views of the Rhine Valley region. The true charm of the trail lies in the alternating legs along sleepy forest paths and across the sun-drenched slopes of the wine country.

View of Trifels Castle near Annweiler am Trifels, Palatinate

View of Trifels Castle near Annweiler am Trifels from Pfälzer Weinsteig trail, Palatinate

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Find out everything you need to know on events, attractions and other destinations in the Palatinate at the Pfalz.Touristik.

Pfälzer Waldpfad trail


144,1 km

38:00 h
The 140km long Pfälzer Waldpfad trail offers spectacular rocks, deep valleys and above all – forest…

Pfälzer Höhenweg trail


114,6 km

33:00 h
The Pfälzer Höhenweg trail offers all kinds of variety, not just because the 112km long trail goes…

Palatinate hikers’ menu

If you hike in the Palatinate, you can expect a hearty feast at the end of the day. Discover short, relatively flat routes for relaxed or more demanding days out.

Cycle trails in the Palatinate

Discover the Palatinate by bicycle, on the gentle Alsenz or Glan-Blies cycle trails, the delightful German Wine Route or the more energetic Palatinate Forest mountain bike park.

Palatinate Card: The ticket to your Palatinate adventure

Enjoy an "all-inclusive" holiday with the Palatinate Card: You can use the local public transport and enjoy more than 100 attractions throughout the region free of charge for your entire stay.

Romantic Cities: Trip to Speyer

Imperial city in the Palatinate with Mediterranean flair: The impressive romanesque architecture of the Speyer Cathedral dominates the city skyline.

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Accommodation in the Palatinate

Whether you are looking for a hotel or holiday home, a campsite or youth hostel, here is a list of accommodation options in the Palatinate

Video: The history of democracy. Behind the scenes at Hambach Castle

Hambach Castle rises majestically above the sea of vines in the southern Palatinate. Inside the walls of the cradle of German democracy, you can find out all about its exciting history.

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Speyer Cathedral - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Speyer The cathedral of the diocese of Speyer, a Romanesque basilica founded prior to 1030 by Conrad II and consecrated in 1061 is one of Germany's most…

Hambach Castle

Neustadt/Weinstrasse In 1832, Hambach Castle became the "cradle of German democracy" (Theodor Heuß) and a demonstration of national unity and freedom...

Trifels Castle

Annweiler am Trifels Trifels Castle was an important imperial fortress during the time of the Staufer Emperors. It sits above the small town of Annweiler in the south of…

Fascinating red sandstone in the Palatinate

In our first video, Martin Seidler shows you the colourful red sandstone of the Palatinate, with all its nuances from dark red to yellowish white showcased in works of arts, churches and castles, and the region’s unique landscape. You can even taste it in the wine – the friendly Palatinate winemakers will be only too happy to show you how the minerality and acidity of the rock leaves its mark on the wine in your glass!