Holidays in the Moselle region

One of Germany's most beautiful river valleys

Like a blue ribbon, the Moselle twists and turns its way between Trier and Koblenz along one of Germany's most beautiful river valleys. The Moselle flows through a region that has been shaped by man for over 2,000 years, ever since it was first cultivated by the Romans. At some places the terraced vineyards seem to rise up almost to the sky. Some of the best Rieslings grow here. A myriad of castles towering over romantic wine villages line the banks of the river. Traben-Trarbach with its impressive art-nouveau architecture and Bernkastel-Kues with its lovely market square are just two of the many unmissable places on the Moselle.

Hiking on the Moselsteig trail

Graded long-distance hiking trail in the Moselle region

In the picturesque river landscape of the Moselle and the nearby Eifel and Hunsrück hills, there are numerous new top-quality hiking trails. Special mention should be made of the Moselsteig trail, which has enriched the Moselle hiking landscape since April 2014. For day walks and short walks through this unique wine-growing and cultural landscape there are the Traumschleifen ("dream walks") along the Lower Moselle and detours on to the Moselsteig trail – many different ways of discovering the Moselle region on foot.

Reichsburg Castle in Cochem, Moselle

View of Reichsburg Castle in Cochem, Moselle

More travel highlights and activities in the Moselle region:

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Mosel Cycle Path (in full): From Perl to Koblenz


248,3 km

17:05 h
The Mosel Cycle Path leads through 248 kilometres of diverse landscape; rambling and secluded in…

"Seitensprünge" - Distractions on the Moselle

"Seitensprünge" - These little hiking-trails around the Moselle guarantee plenty of variety. They take you up through the vineyards to the nearby hills of the Eifel and Hunsrück.

The Maars-Moselle cycle route (Daun-Bernkastel-Kues)


57,8 km

4:45 h
On the former railway line you cycle comfortably from the Vulkaneifel to the Moselle. Recommended…

Audio tour: Listening stations on the Moselle Cycle Path

Stop for a short break at the various audio tour listening stations along the way and listen to fascinating anecdotes as told by local winemakers on your smartphone.

Romantic Cities: Trip to Trier

On the trail of the Romans: the remains of the Porta Nigra city gate, the amphitheatre and the Aula Palatina basilica bear witness to the great history of the city.

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Dream paths "Traumpfade" Rhein-Mosel-Eifel

Covering a distance of between three and seven kilometres, the dream paths are perfect for gentle walks. For example the Traumpfade "Booser Doppelmaartour" or the "Vulkanpfad".

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Accommodation in the Moselle valley

Whether you are looking for a hotel or holiday home, a campsite or youth hostel, here is a list of accommodation options in the Moselle valley.

360° video: Moselle cycle trail at Trier

Discover the Moselle Cycle Trail along the Moselle from Koblenz to France. Our 360° video gives you a virtual ride through the loops and curves of the Moselle along the Moselle cycle trail at Trier.

Video: The house on the lake – Expedition to the Westerwald Lake District

The Westerwald Lake District is a veritable paradise for campers and nature lovers. There are seven lakes waiting to be discovered on foot, by bike, by boat or on a stand-up paddleboard.

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Amphitheater (UNESCO World Heritage)

Trier, Stadt Trier Once a place of mass entertainment, the Roman site is now part of Trier's UNESCO World Heritage. Gladiators haven't completely disappeared though...


Ediger-Eller The highlight and insider tip at the same time is the Calmont via ferrata, which leads you with partly alpine challenges between Eller and Bremm at an…

Imperial Baths (UNESCO World Heritage)

Trier, Stadt Trier One look at the monumental beauty of the window arcades of the Kaiserthermen is enough and you already know: whoever lay in the pools of the hot water…

Roman Imperial Throne Room (Konstantin-Basilika) (UNESCO World Heritage)

Trier, Stadt Trier This monumental building is the largest surviving pillarless room from the ancient world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You just have to see it!

Porta Nigra (UNESCO World Heritage)

Trier, Stadt Trier This is the best-preserved Roman city gate north of the Alps and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A truly impressive structure!

Cochem Castle

Cochem The Reichsburg Cochem is more than just a castle! A wonderful afternoon on the Moselle also includes a guided tour of the castle through the old walls…

“Stella Noviomagi” - Roman wine barge

Neumagen-Dhron About 10.000 visitors a year experience a unique boat tour on the Moselle abord of STELLA NOVIOMAGI. The Roman-time ship invites to an entertaining…

Game and leisure park Klotten

Klotten The Wild- & Freizeitpark Klotten, affectionately known as Klotti Park, is the family park with a heart in Klotten/Cochem on the beautiful Moselle. It…

Ancient meets modern on the Moselle

In our second-to-last video, Martin Seidler visits Roman Trier, the oldest city in Germany. The colourful red sandstone has dominated the look of the city since Roman times, although it is now mainly found in the foundations and catacombs underground. The Romans even introduced wine-making to the region, and the combination of slate and sandstone gives the Moselle wines their unique flavour. The Via mosel’ route takes you to wine estates and wine bars with interesting architecture, all set against the wonderful backdrop of the river.