Holidays in the Lahn valley

Nature and culture on the way to the Rhine

Starting in the Rothaargebirge hills near Siegen, the Lahn river follows its 242km course through beautiful countryside, accompanied by the Lahn Hiking Trail and the Lahn Cyle Route, before flowing into the Rhine in Lahnstein. While on holiday in the Lahn valley, you can discover numerous palaces and castles, impressive churches, abbeys and cathedrals, and legacies from Celtic and Roman times. Discover at Bad Ems one of Europe's oldest and most famous spas. Holidays by the river Lahn offer the best of both worlds: Active pursuits and the time and space to relax. A world away from the hustle and bustle of city life, yet only an hour from Frankfurt.

Hiking on the Lahnwanderweg trail

Graded long-distance hiking trail in the Lahn valley

The Lahnwanderweg Trail leads high above the river Lahn from its source at Lahnhof to Lahnstein where the Lahn meets the Rhine. From elevated vantage points on rocky outcrops, you can look across the Lahn valley and Westerwald forest to the Taunus hills. While hiking this premium trail you can also stop off at historical towns, mighty castles or tranquil vineyards. Prepare to be surprised!

View point "Gabelstein", Lahn valley

View point "Gabelstein" on the Lahn trail near Cramberg, Lahn valley

More travel highlights and activities in the Lahn valley:

More information about holidays in the Lahn valley

Find out everything you need to know on events, attractions and other destinations in the Lahn valley at the Lahntal Tourismus Verband e.V.

The Lahn-Facets of the Lahn valley

There are various designated short and circular routes in the Lahn valley, ranging from gentle ones along the river to something a little bit more challenging in the hills.

Video: A change of perspective on the Lahn

You can enjoy an active adventure in a natural setting right on the Lahn and see life from a whole new perspective from a canoe on the river!

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Accommodation in the Lahn valley

Whether you are looking for a hotel or holiday home, a campsite or youth hostel, here is a list of accommodation options in the Lahn valley.

Bad Ems thermal bath

Bad Ems One of the most modern and attractive thermal baths in Germany

From the Lahn valley to New York

What connects the baths in Bad Ems to the Empire State Building in New York? It is the shimmering marble from the tranquil Lahn valley that is fitted in both buildings! And it is not even real marble. But the colourful limestone polished to a high shine by the region’s expert stonemasons is so lovely that you can happily gloss over that! Martin Seidler tells you how it got from the Lahn to the rest of the world.