Holidays in the Eifel

From pure nature to the Nürburgring race track

The last volcanic eruption in the Eifel region was a mere 10,000 years ago and traces of the Eifel's fiery history can be discovered today: The landscape is dotted with the cones of extinct volcanoes and blue crater lakes or maars. The natural beauty of the countryside between the Moselle and Ahr valleys is best explored either on foot or by bike. Make a hiking tour along the long-distance trail Eifelsteig: A string of small historical places line your route through the valleys and hills, some gently rolling, others more precipitous, as you pass hedges of yellow gorse set against the wide, blue sky. The Nürburgring, famous motor-racing circuit and scene of legendary car races past and present, is a beast of a quite different nature.

Hiking on the Eifelsteig trail

Graded long-distance hiking trail in the Eifel

There are 313 richly varied kilometres to explore on the Eifelsteig. Where the landscape changes all the time and sensational views follow one after another. "Just you, the water and the rocks" is the slogan for the trail and perfectly captures the Eifelsteig experience. The further you venture, the more you see. It begins with flat countryside in the north near Aachen, heads across the Hohe Venn moorlands and into secluded Rurtal valley passing vast reservoirs on its way. Then comes the volcanic region and the southern Eifel before the sandstone cliffs above the Moselle mark the Eifelsteig's end at Trier, Germany's oldest city.

The Genoveva Cave in the Kylltal on the Eifelsteig, Eifel

The Genoveva Cave in the Kylltal on the Eifelsteig, Eifel

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Dream paths "Traumpfade" Rhein-Mosel-Eifel

Covering a distance of between three and seven kilometres, the dream paths are perfect for gentle walks. For example the Traumpfade "Booser Doppelmaartour" or the "Vulkanpfad".

Cycle paths in the Eifel region

Discover the Eifel by bicycle, with gentle rides along the Kyll, Prüm or Sauer, a family ride along disused railway lines or a more ambitious, sporty ride to the heights of the Eifel.

Accommodation in the Eifel

Whether you are looking for a hotel or holiday home, a campsite or youth hostel, here is a list of accommodation options in the Eifel.

Eifel National Park

Discover Nature, beech woods and wilderness in the Eifel National Park.
Weg zur Burg Eltz

Eltz Castle - the fairytale castle in the Eifel forest

Wierschem High towers, picturesque oriels, protective walls and a deep castle moat amaze visitors when the well-preserved medieval castle appears out of nowhere…
Unterirdische Entdeckungen im Eifelmuseum

Eifelmuseum - EifelTotal

Mayen Genovevaburg castle is a symbol of the town of Mayen. It can be seen from far and wide, towering over the town centre. Inside, it is home to the…

Leisure and Animal Park "Eifelpark"

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