Weingut-Pension Raevenhof

Ayl · Mosel

For generations, the vinyards and orchards have been worked by our family and demanded lots of hard work and dedication. What produces a good wine? The study of biology, experience, the nature of the soil, the appropiate vinestock, organic fertiliser, good husbandry throughout the growing seasons all leading to the laborious harvesting by hand. Then follows the pressing and fermentation and the constant inspection to completion. Finally the bottling and then the easy bit decorking and drinking. Think of this when you have your next glass.

A further branch of industry is the fruit-growing and the distillery. Exellent spirits such as Cor verum brandy and annual awards consider to highest claims of quality.

Weingut-Pension Raevenhof


Ferienweingut Raevenhof
Im Brühl 24
54441 Ayl

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