Ferienhof Neumühle

Altscheid · Eifel

The farm with cows, ponys, sheeps and goats, dog, cat, rabbits, chicken and geese is situated in the wild-romantic Echtersbachvalley and close to the forest. It is wonderful to start hikingtours for example to the "Bitburger Stausee". A spacious room for breakfast, a chimneyroom, a possabilaty to cook and tabletennis you find as well as a lawn with barbecueplace and a playground. more to do: ponyriding, campfire, drive with a tractor, hikingtours.

Ferienhof Neumühle


Ferienhof Neumühle
Neumühle 1
54636 Altscheid

Web: http://www.ferienhof-neumuehle.de
E-Mail: neumuehle@freenet.de
Tel.: (0049) 6527 207
Fax: (0049) 6527 8342