Berghotel Kristall

Idar-Oberstein · Naheland

You will discover the Berghotel Kristall - the Crystal Mountain Hotel - in a peaceful and beautiful location high among the hills surrounding the German capitol of precious stones - Idar-Oberstein. Holidaymakers and business travellers alike delight in the friendly, family atmosphere of therin own favourite Crystal - while drinking - in the impressive views of the town below and the mountainous scenery all around. They delight, too, in the tasty creations and sprakling service of our restaurant team, which meet the high requirements of our most demanding guests. This ist why our hotel and restaurant have proved the first choice of visitors to this region for more than a decade. Here in the capito of precious stones the Berghotel Kristall gives you the opportunity to spend your night in appropriate style. Your room has no number: just your own symbolised gemstone. From the Amethyst Room to the Crystal Suite, wherever you sleep you will be under the sign of your own precious stone - in cosy comfortable surroundings. Our individually styled single and double rooms will not just meet your expectations - they will exceed them. GPS Berghotel Kristall 49°43´41"N 7°17´51"O

Berghotel Kristall

Berghotel Kristall
Wiesenstraße 50
55743 Idar-Oberstein

Tel.: +49 6781 96960
Fax: +49 6781 969649

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