Wine bars in Romantic Germany

Tasting fine wines

Wine bars in the Rhineland Palatinate wine regions provide the perfect opportunity for you to taste a large variety of wines in a pleasant and stylish atmosphere without being obliged to make a purchase. They consider this of vital importance for making local wines accessible and the individual regions a popular destination for wine aficionados.

These wine bars could either belong to a particular winery, presenting the vintner’s products in a more sophisticated atmosphere, or simply be local wine bars, where visitors can taste the wines produced by various vintners in any of the wine-making villages. The edifices housing the wines, including the architecture, lighting and spatial design, which all revolve around wine, are often themselves alone worth a visit. Here, guests can learn about wine and other tourist attractions in the region, and of course purchase the wines they have tasted.

Weingut Simonis

Pünderich Family buisness in the 5th generation.

Ökoweingut Markus Busch

Pünderich The Busch family has been cultivating wine on the Moselle since 1576. We are therefore committed to the old wine-growing tradition, but we also like…

Weingut & Gästehaus Merz

Roxheim Our winery is located in the middle of "the realm of vines" in the near country. We manage about 7 hectares of vineyards in the best locations of…

Weingut - Vinothek Alfred Heil

Roxheim The high quality level of our wine range is our top priority. We produce our tasty wines from the Riesling, Silvaner, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and…

Bonsai & Wein - Die Vinothek der Saar

Saarburg Vinothek "Bonsai & Wein" - wine tasting

Vinothek Schloßgartenhof - Weingut Dörrschuck

Saulheim The winery stands on historical ground and soil. In the middle ages there was a castle in immediate proximity. According to stories it was the local…

Weingut Härter

Schlossböckelheim In our estate bar "Felsenstübchen" you can find a rich selection of cold and warm dishes that harmonize with our in-house wines. The winegrower's wife…

Weingut Würtzberg - Vinothek

Serrig The first winery in the Saar valley.

Weingut Volk

Spay Here you will find what your heart desires! From the fully ripe grapes of our sun-drenched vineyards in the Boppard Hamm we create for you wines that…

Weingut Matthias Müller

Spay The wine-growing tradition of the estate dates back 300 years. Our family had cultivated vines on the steep slopes as a traditional mixed winery and…

Weingut "St. Aldegundishof"

St. Aldegund Winery "St. Aldegundis Hof"Quality winery with vineyards in the best areas of the wine village of St. Aldegund, in most of the vines are grown, the…

Vinothek und Weincafé Philipps Mühle

St. Goar Tasting - Enjoying - Taking awayDirectly at the Rhine river shore we offer the wines of "Philipps-Mühle" as well as of friends for tasting and…

PanoramaVinothek Weingut Eppelmann

Stadecken-Elsheim Young, dynamic, innovative... What motivates us is the nature. The stirring cycle of creation and passing away shapes our work every day. What moves…

Vinothek - Hofausschank - Weingut Kirchberg-Hof

Stein-Bockenheim The winery Kirchberg-Hof is situated in Stein-Bockenheim in the middle of the Switzerland of Rheinhessen. In 1892 Christian Mees laid the foundation…

Winery Rebenhof

Ürzig We welcome you at our winery. Get to know how the wine is produced at our ''Riesling manufacturing''. See, smell and taste the indulgence of our…

Winery Arno Kruft

Veldenz Tourists will find Kruft wine estate at Veldenz on the Moselle River. At this place, the winemaking tradition dates back to 1624. Apart from white…

Vinothek Westwind-Weine | Weingut Hein

Wachenheim The winemakers Jochen and Thilo Hein both have their home in the 'Zellertal', in the deep south of Rheinhessen. Their winery is family owned since…

Weingut Friedel Russler

Walluf 10 ha - 6 grape varieties -1 family - Rheingau We are the family winery Friedel Russler from Walluf.

Weingut Van Volxem - Vinothek

Wiltingen Come and experience Van Volxem up close. Let your mind wander with a glass of wine in the vinotheque, or in fine weather, on our outdoor sun patio.…

Winery Quint

Wintrich At Quint wine estate in Wintrich holiday resort on the Moselle, wine connoisseurs are just right. The family has been linked to viticulture with…

Sparkling wine factory Dirk Kessler

Wintrich In the Moselle village of Wintrich you will find the sparkling wine factory Dirk Kessler. The manufactory exists since 1986 and is a small sparkling…

Flemish wine house

Wintrich Holidaymakers will find the Flemish Wine House in Wintrich on the Moselle.

Winery Geierslay GbR

Wintrich You will find the Geierslay Winery in Wintrich on the Moselle. The winegrowing family has been dedicated to winegrowing for generations. The Geierslay…

Weinlounge im Weingut Müller

Wöllstein From an original mill business with barrelled wine, agriculture and livestock emerged three generations ago a winery with bottle wine marketing. The…

Vinothek Weis, Karlheinz

Zell Winery and distillery / Vinotheque / Wine tasting and sale

Weinbar "Alte Stadtmauer"

Zell Wine tastings and barbecue events on request

Zeller Weinkontor - vino et cetera - Haas-Lenz

Zell Red wine / White wine / Secco / Brandies / Liqueurs / Vinegar / Mustard / JellyLargest gift and souvenir shop in the Zeller Hamm

Weingut Karlheinz Weis

Zell Winery and distillery / Wine shop / Wine tasting and sale

Vinothek/Wein & Sektgut Day, Peter

Zell select wines and champagner, small dishes typical for the Mosel region.

Vinothek Bremm Keltenhof

Zell Experience our wines and get into conversation – this is important to us.

Weingut Bremm "Keltenhof"

Zell-Kaimt Experience our wines and get into conversation - that is important to us.

Straußwirtschaft Ernst Steffens

Zell-Merl We warmly welcome all wine and Moselle friends and those who want to be.

Vinothek Ernst Steffens

Zell-Merl Vinothek Ernst SteffensSince 1648 wine has been cultivated on our family estate in Zell-Merl on the Mosel. We cultivate quality-consciously and…

Winery Leo Pazen

Zeltingen-Rachtig In the Moselle village of Zeltingen-Rachtig you will find the Leo Pazen winery. The family has been growing wine for three generations. Vines are…

Winery Selbach-Oster

Zeltingen-Rachtig Selbach-Oster wine estate in Zeltingen-Rachtig holiday resort on the Moselle cultivates 98% Riesling and 2% Pinot Blanc on 21 hectares of shale…

Vinotheque Selbach

Zeltingen-Rachtig VINOTHEK SELBACH - Room for wine connoisseurs

Wine villa Heinrichshof

Zeltingen-Rachtig Visit us in our wine villa with vinotheque

Winery Heinrichshof GbR

Zeltingen-Rachtig In Heinrichshof wine estate in Zeltingen-Rachtig holiday resort on the Moselle River, great emphasis is placed on dry Rieslings. The vines are…

Winery Leos with its own vinotheque

Zeltingen-Rachtig We, Dorothee and Leo Kappes,mainly grow riesling vine ''queen of the white vines'' at our 7 hectares of vineyards. Since the 90th we also offer…