2000 taste buds in love with a Moselle wine

The lounger here on the terrace of this modern wine estate is really very comfortable. The sun tickles your skin and the delicious wine tickles your taste buds. It really is perfection. You gaze over the wonderful panorama of vineyards which start just behind your vantage point, with the Moselle drifting shyly along its riverbed as the glorious vines coat the steep slopes on the other side. You take another cool sip of the surprisingly fruity Riesling, lean back and relax. As a red-wine lover, you had not really reckoned on it having so much body, freshness and bouquet. The sweet acidity tingles a little on your tongue, giving this excellent wine a balanced fullness, with an oaky finish that brings to mind the wooden barrels the wine was stored in. You knew that the Moselle Rieslings had an excellent reputation as fine wines, but your expectations have still been surpassed by this top-quality tipple.

Two guests of the vinotheque are poured more wine, Moselle valley

With a little practice, you can even taste the terroir typical of the Moselle, Moselle valley

You explained your preference for heavy reds to the winemaker, and she presented you this extraordinary wine with a little smile. It is a Riesling that is aged in oak with a wonderfully fruity note and a hint of minerality. You were so impressed with the first few sips that you ordered a whole bottle to enjoy on the terrace.

Winegrower pours two guests a glass of Riesling on the sun terrace, Moselle valley

First-class wine enjoyment on the terrace of the Ludger Veit winery, Moselle valley

The estate owner keeps on topping you up and you listen as she shares her passion for the top-class Moselle wines produced here through hard manual labour on the steep slopes. There is no space for modern equipment on the slopes, so the harvests involve lots of hard work by helping hands, as they have done for hundreds of years. Maybe you could get involved too? She explains that, in contrast to the traditional working methods, many winemakers are now capitalising on their unique combination of wine and unusual architecture. Apparently, discerning wine lovers are looking for an all-round experience for all the senses, which means an impressive setting. You cannot help but agree – even your drive here through the Moselle Valley was a real pleasure. The modern building above the village was easily recognisable, and it soon became apparent it was your destination. But your satisfied faces prove it was definitely worth it.

You hold your glass up against the sunlight and gaze at the shimmering gold liquid inside it. How much work really goes into this delicious drop? From the terrace, you see the slate soil as it soaks up the heat and imagine the months it takes for the grapes to magically convert the sunshine into sugar and flavour. Today, you have learned that, with a little practice, you can even taste the grey or red stone typical of the Moselle terroir in the wines produced here.

But first, you gently clink glasses with your companion, a toast to a successful day you will remember for a long time. When you get back home, you will definitely be inviting your friends around to share a bottle of your new favourite wine and telling them about how beautiful the Moselle is and how passionate the winemakers are about what they do. Maybe you’ll bring the whole gang with you next time you come.

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We present the Rhineland-Palatinate wineries of the cross-border Via Mosel project; this way you can easily add an aesthetic level to your wine enjoyment on site.

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