Spa resorts

Feel-good places

Healing water bubbles from deep underground all over Rhineland-Palatinate. Guests can bathe in it to feel its soothing effects or fill their glasses from one of the many drinking fountains at the thermal baths and spa resorts. They are a popular destination for spa guests and also for those who simply want to take a little time out from their everyday lives, be pampered and enjoy the range of wellness packages on offer.


It is not just about spas and massages. The famously beautiful spa garden in Bad Ems is perfect for a leisurely walk, while the impressive baroque buildings give the town a wonderful atmosphere. You can breathe in salty air between Bad Kreuznach and Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg. The largest open-air inhalatorium in Europe, which is good for both the skin and the airways, can be found in the Salinental. The numerous climatic health resorts are also perfect for taking in a deep breath and relaxing. The highlights at each of the spa resorts and baths are different, but they do have one thing in common: they all offer their guests a relaxing, varied break.

Healing water

Healing powers of nature

Experience the healing powers of nature and feel the beneficial effects of healing water deep in the earth. Fill your glass at the bubbling drinking fountain or bathe in the healing thermal water, which, depending on the composition of the minerals, can relieve various ailments and reduce stress.

Air & climate

Healing powers of nature

In the health resorts you can not only enjoy the beneficial air, but also discover numerous premium hiking trails, relax while bathing in the forest and let your thoughts wander into the distance. Take a break from everyday life!

Hiking and spas

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After a gentle walk on a selected circular route, you can enjoy a relaxing break at the thermal baths and spa resorts of Rhineland-Palatinate. The varied scenery is perfect for relaxing and boosting well-being. Chill out and remember the lovely natural landscapes you have explored as you bathe in gentle mineral water or enjoy a wellness treatment.

Enjoying the sunshine in the outside area of the Emser Therme in Bad Ems, Lahn valley

Enjoying the sunshine in the outside area of the Emser Therme in Bad Ems, Lahn valley