800 red grapes packed into your backpack in the Ahr valley

Two hikers enjoy wine on a hill and enjoy the view, Ahr valley

Enjoying wine with a unique panoramic view, Ahr valley

You lean back on the picnic blanket on one hand with a sigh of satisfaction, the blades of grass peeking over the edge of the material tickle at your fingertips while the smell of the warm summer afternoon blends with the slightly sweet bouquet of the Pinot Noir in your other hand. As you roll the wine around in the glass, you admire the pretty reflected stained-glass patterns it casts. You smile over at your companion to your right. Then you look forward again, casting your eyes over the wooded peaks, the steep vineyards and then down into the valley. Down below is the pretty wine village of Mayschoß, from which you started out a little while ago with your rucksack packed leaving just enough space for a bottle of wine from the vending machine. Where else can you buy such a fine drop at the touch of a button? You raise a toast to this wonderful panoramic view and enjoy a moment’s peace side by side. You have already read that this view has been described as the ‘loveliest vineyard view’ and that is easy to comprehend now you see it with your own eyes.

You stretch out your legs. Now you are resting, you notice a slight twitching in your muscles from the climb up to the Saffenburg. The ruins of the largest hilltop castle in the region tower 253 metres above the pretty Ahr valley. The climb up the path to your wonderful picnic stop was a welcome bit of exercise, with captivating views of the river valley, the villages all around and the seas of vines along the way. There was always something to admire during the little breathers along the way. Wide stone stops finally led you up to the highest point of the castle complex. From there, you can now enjoy a sensational all-round view in a really peaceful setting so high above the rest of the scenery. So it makes it all the more fascinating to imagine the war-torn past of this historic structure. Over the time since the Saffenburg was first mentioned in the 11th century, the complex has fallen into the hands of different noble families, but its excellent location means it has only been captured twice in its history.

Two hikers on the way up to the Saffenburg, Ahr valley

On the way up to the Saffenburg, Ahr valley

View of the Saffenburg and the surrounding vineyards, Ahr valley

View of the Saffenburg and the surrounding vineyards, Ahr valley

You lay your head on the shoulder next to you and close your eyes for a moment. Not for too long, as you want to soak up the view once again. Until the very last drop in the glass, the Pinot Noir tastes so wonderfully silky smooth that it is as if someone has captured the feeling of enjoying this view in a bottle. You pack the rest of your picnic back into the rucksack and head back down. At the bottom, you can look forward to a hot sauna, a real treat after a walk like this one.

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