5 slumbering volcanoes in the Eifel

Slightly out of breath after all the steps, you stand at the railings of the observation tower and gaze out over the unbelievably tranquil scenery all around you. Your arms rest on the wood warmed by the sunshine and you listen to the chirruping of the cicadas in the trees around the edge of the field. It is the only sound you can hear up here above it all. The peace heightens your senses, and you enjoy the warm air and the fresh fragrances of the aromatic plants around you. Nearby, you see the sparkling turquoise waters of the Meerfelder Maar, the biggest volcanic crater here in the Vulkaneifel region.

A couple admires the view over the countryside from the Landesblick lookout tower, Eifel

Fantastic view over the landscape from the Landesblick lookout tower, Eifel

Two hikers at the Meerfelder Maar, Eifel

Exploring the diverse volcanic landscape on a hike, Eifel

You stand with your companion on the Landesblick observation tower, the end point of today’s 13-kilometre stage of the VulkaMaar Trail. You have chosen the route specially as it was named Germany’s loveliest hiking trail in 2021, and up here in the tower you can reassure yourselves that it definitely merited the accolade. You have walked through shady gorges and across sun-drenched plains, enjoying the variety of the Eifel scenery with every step of the way. From here, another route takes you back to your hotel in Manderscheid.

You point your finger at all the volcanic hills you can make out in the distance. A little shiver runs down your spine as you attempt to picture how the current idyllic landscape of the Eifel came to be. In terms of the history of the Earth, it was not that long ago that it last rained fire and ashes here. For example, five kilometres earlier on your route, you visited the Windsborner Kratersee, a crater lake said to have been formed by a volcanic eruption just 80,000 years ago.

You climb down the steps again and treat yourself to a rest at the seating area below the tower. You are looking forward to the sustenance you brought with you, as you always should on a day-long walk like this one. You slurp at your hot coffee, the aromas of which blend wonderfully with the scents of hay from a new-mown meadow nearby. Combined with the fresh local bread you made into sandwiches this morning for your walk, it is the perfect recipe for a simple portion of happiness!

Two hikers in front of the Landesblick lookout tower, Eifel

The Landesblick lookout tower is perfect for a short break from hiking, Eifel

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