4 shining eyes at the summit of the Erbeskopf in Hunsrück

You have to laugh as the children charge past you on the narrow path. They are in a rush to claim the best spot on the impressive ‘Windklang’ viewing platform. They are not worried by the occasional cool draughts over the mountains and the excited expressions on their faces speak volumes: isn’t it great up here on the Erbeskopf! You are on the highest mountain in Rhineland-Palatinate, some 800 metres above sea level.

Two hikers in front of the Windklang on the Erbeskopf, Hunsrück

Two hikers in front of the Windklang on the Erbeskopf, Hunsrück

A family with children heading for the best spot on the "Windklang" viewing platform, Hunsrück

On their way to the best spot on the impressive viewing platform "Windklang", Hunsrück

Then you get to the railings yourself, cast your gaze over the sweeping landscape before you and take in the breathtaking views! As far as the eye can see, there are green hills and forests of ancient beech mixed with dark pine trees. You can look out over the sweeping Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park and even as far as the volcanoes of the Eifel. This wonderful view is definitely worth the one-kilometre climb from the Erbeskopf National Park Gate.

Father and daughter have fun with soap bubbles on the "Windklang" viewing platform, Hunsrück

Framed by the dreamy landscape, soap bubbles are even more fun, Hunsrück

On the way up, the children were fascinated by the idea of visiting the highest peak in Rhineland-Palatinate. Going for a walk is pretty lame, but mountaineering is so cool! It brings a warm glow to your heart as you watch them discover every corner of the view and point out what they have discovered to one another, their fingers outstretched.

There is something magical about reaching the summit. Perhaps it is the artistic wood and steel structure towering so high above the world below. Or perhaps it is the happiness of your family, their eyes sparkling with joy. For a little while, even your children are so entranced that, for a change, they stand still and soak up the spectacular scenery all around.

As you take in the landscape in all its glory, you suddenly feel fitter and better than you have in a long time. The climb down to the Hunsrückhaus along the wonderfully natural terrain of the ‘Gipfelrauschen’ National Park trail is bound to be a real adventure for you and your loved ones. With a little luck, if you are all quiet, you may come across a wild animal. While there are lots of them around, they are a little shy, so you may only see their tracks. There are even wild cats here in the National Park, but they are very good at being stealthy and hiding. Next time, you could think about booking a ranger tour, as the local rangers have the best knowledge of where and how you can spot the rare animal and plant species. And the children would love the man in the funny hat.

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