1383 silent secrets discovered at Disibodenberg on the Nahe

Two hikers exploring the Disibodenberg monastery ruins, Nahe

Exploring the spiritual centre of activity: Hildegard von Bingen spent 40 years of her life here, Nahe


With a big pull, you help your companion up onto one of the stones scattered all around. These are the impressive remains of the Disibodenberg Monastery, home to the legendary Hildegard of Bingen in the 14th century. You hold hands and together you feel the real shimmering power of this place, a mythical place here on a little hill above the triangle formed by the Glans flowing into the Nahe. You enjoy the shafts of light cast on the ancient stones through the thick canopy of leaves above. Together, you admire what is left of the walls, which gives an impression of the sheer size and importance of the monastery in those days. You suggest following the signposted route around the area to explore the outline of the Benedictine monastery in more detail. As you go around, you keep stopping to admire new aspects of the ruins and enjoy the extraordinary views of the two rivers below you.

Your route for today is the fourth stage of the Hildegard of Bingen Pilgrimage Trail, which not only marks the geographical middle of the 137-kilometre route but also takes you to the spiritual centre of the works of this unbelievably multifaceted Benedictine nun. She spent 40 years of her life and completed much of her life’s work here in the monastery on the Disibodenberg. You started off this morning in Monzingen, where you were able to admire the herb garden with all its aromatic medicinal plants. Along the whole route, there are information boards explaining the ground-breaking work and teachings of Hildegard of Bingen. After the spiritual effort of the meditation boards, you can enjoy more tangible physical experiences, such as the barefoot trail.

View from above of the impressive remains of Disobodenberg Monastery, Nahe

View of the impressive remains of Disobodenberg Monastery, Nahe


Two hikers marvel at the remaining masonry of Disibodenberg Monastery, Nahe

The remaining masonry still gives an idea of the former size and importance of the monastery, Nahe


A couple of minutes ago, you found somewhere to sit on one of the rocks. You relaxed, recharged your batteries and geared yourselves up for the rest of the walk. With a little sigh, you stand back up and head down the path into the valley towards Odernheim, from where you plan to get the bus to Meisenheim. You are already looking forward to sampling one of the famous Rieslings in the Weinhaus Disibodenberg in this medieval town. It is really handy for you that it is also home to an excellent wine hotel where you can relax with a glass full of loveliness and look back on an unforgettable day.

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