Long-distance hiking trails Rhineland-Palatinate

Hiking in Germany

Hiking in Romantic Germany, the region around Rhine and Moselle, means hiking through many different landscapes. The path that begins as a gentle meadowland stroll could end with a steep clamber up a rocky trail. Rivers, hills and vineyards follow one after another. Numerous hiking trails guide you through fascinating scenery to places of historical interest. The jewels in the crown of hiking trails are undoubtfully the „Steige“ - the long-distance hiking trails of romantic Germany, such as the famous Rheinsteig! All of them follow the quality standards stipulated by the German Hikers Association in order to provide charming, top-quality hiking routes.

Eifelsteig trail


317,6 km

93:35 h
Where rock and water accompany you: The long-distance hiking trail leads in 15 stages from the…

Lahnwanderweg upstream


294,5 km

86:00 h
The Lahnwanderweg trail will make hikers‘ dreams come true. It will lead you through some very…

Moselsteig trail


347,9 km

140:00 h
A landscape with an abundance of highlights. And it is the best way to combine them all. Welcome to…

Pfälzer Höhenweg trail


114,6 km

33:00 h
The Pfälzer Höhenweg trail offers all kinds of variety, not just because the 112km long trail goes…

Pfälzer Waldpfad trail


144,1 km

38:00 h
The 140km long Pfälzer Waldpfad trail offers spectacular rocks, deep valleys and above all – forest…

Pfälzer Weinsteig trail


185,2 km

57:00 h
The Pfälzer Weinsteig trail is pure Palatinate: the 170 kilometre long trail follows picturesque…

RheinBurgenWeg trail


201,7 km

62:35 h
The cultural landscape of the RheinBurgenWeg trail is incredibly beautiful. The breath-taking,…

Rheinsteig trail


311,7 km

97:35 h
The Rheinsteig® trail runs on mostly narrow paths between Wiesbaden, Koblenz and Bonn along the…

Saar-Hunsrück-Steig trail


322,3 km

94:35 h
This tour covers the entire Rhineland-Palatinate part of the Saar-Hunsrück Climb. These are legs 25…

Soonwaldsteig trail


83,8 km

25:10 h
A hike in tranquillity and solitude – right in the heart of Germany.

WesterwaldSteig trail


240,1 km

68:00 h
The Westerwald-Steig is a trail with magnificent views. It spans 235 kilometres from Herborn to…
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