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Nº29 | Koblenz

When two of Europe's most important rivers meet, only something special can happen. Koblenz is a top sight for culture enthusiasts, city lovers and wine connoisseurs.

Nº26 | Bad Kreuznach

Relax. Breathe deeply. Find peace. And enjoy the fresh sea air at the same time. Wouldn't that be nice? The Bad Kreuznach graduation works, Europe's largest open-air inhalatorium, make it possible.

Nº10 | Wine Experience Rhine-Hesse

Where could it be more beautiful? In the Rhine arc lies the land of a thousand hills. With its sunlit vineyards, it is the largest wine-growing region in Germany. And one of the best.

Nº07 | Speyer Cathedral

Visiting churches is boring? Then you haven't been to the largest Romanesque cathedral yet! With its fascinating architecture and history, Speyer Cathedral is a special cultural highlight.

Nº20 | Ahr valley

Even the ancient Romans recognised the favourable climatic conditions of this landscape and used it for winegrowing. For wine lovers, the Ahr wine-growing region is a gem.

Nº11 | Loreley

Legends, myths and poems tell of her, the beautiful Loreley. A visit to the famous Loreley rock is an absolute must, because few places have such a magical attraction.

Nº28 | Felsenkirche Idar-Oberstein

The Felsenkirche, built deep into the rock and high above Idar-Oberstein, promises a breathtaking sight. Love, anger, jealousy, death and remorse have brought them there.

Nº15 | Reichsburg Cochem

It is undoubtedly a crowd puller. Its backdrop is the perfect setting for the Medieval Festival in August, a guest performance of the Mayen Castle Festival, a gourmet festival - or your wedding.

Nº01 | Upper Middle Rhine Valley

It seems as if they are flirting with each other: the water, the vines and the castles in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Let yourself be enchanted by the pure romance of the Rhine in the heart of…

Nº22 | Worms Cathedral

Worms is always good for a spectacle, for example with the Nibelungen Festival right in front of the imperial cathedral! Let yourself be surprised by what else one of Germany's oldest cities has to…

Nº03 | Ceramics Centre Höhr-Grenzhausen

Is it art? Is it ordinary? It is both - and much more. Here, a craft and artist scene lives and works with one of the oldest and most diverse materials known to mankind.

Nº24 | Nürburgring

He is a legend. His success stories are countless. And it still casts its spell over hundreds of thousands of horsepower enthusiasts today. Once you've been to the Green Hell, you'll never forget it.

Nº06 | Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park

Out of the city, into the wilderness! The Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park is the size of 14,000 football pitches and offers a dreamlike retreat. Pure relaxation, not only for nature.

Nº08 | Maria Laach Abbey Church

Yes, the medieval monks also had a great sense of beauty. You can still see this today on a visit to the picturesque abbey church of Maria Laach.  A heavenly pleasure!

Nº05 | Cold-water geyser

About every two hours it erupts and hisses up to 60 metres into the air - the fountain of the highest cold-water geyser. You don't have to make a trip to Iceland to see it - just a detour to…

Nº30 | Palatinate Forest

Not seeing the forest for the trees - that can easily happen in Germany's largest contiguous forest area. The biosphere reserve offers many treasures that are waiting to be discovered.

Nº25 | Marksburg

Welcome to the only undestroyed hilltop castle on the Middle Rhine! The fortress high above the Rhine is your gateway to the fascinating Middle Ages. The climb is worth it, if only for the great view!

Nº27 | Trifels Castle

Hardly any other castle brings the world of the Middle Ages to life like this. Trifels Imperial Castle was one of the most important centres of power under the Hohenstaufen and Salian dynasties and…

Nº04 | Bernkastel-Kues

The top model is already a little older, is quite narrow and nicely decorated. The Spitzhäuschen is the undisputed crowd favourite, but you'll find more beauties here.

Nº21 | Bad Ems

In the 19th century, the cosmopolitan spa on the Lahn was in great demand among many European monarchs and artists. Today, one of the most modern and attractive wellness spas in Germany awaits you.

Nº16 | Mainz

Johannes Gutenberg was a visionary and inventor of printing with movable type. And he is the most famous son of the city of Mainz. Every year on Midsummer Eve, the city celebrates with hundreds of…

Nº19 | Trier

A walk through history. Where better to do that than in Germany's oldest city? Trier is a city of superlatives. Get ready for some discoveries.

Nº18 | Vulkaneifel

The Vulkaneifel is a region for all those who are prepared to marvel at the power and beauty of nature and enjoy being surprised by a new little wonder around the next bend.

Nº23 | Nahe cycle path

Through forests and gorges, over gentle hills, past bizarre rocks and sun-drenched vineyards. The Nahe cycle path takes you through the sheer variety of the Nahe landscape.

Nº13 | Hambach Castle

Hambach Castle is one of the most important attractions. Visit the place where it all began: in 1832, the Hambach Festival took place here, a protest march for democracy and a united Germany.

Nº17 | Geierlay rope suspension bridge

The Geierlay suspension bridge is not for the faint-hearted. 360 metres long and 100 metres high, this marvel swings over the Mörsdorfer Bachtal. Pure adrenaline for all those who want to reach for…

Nº14 | German Wine Route

Happiness is when you’re on the road - and especially on this route! As one of the oldest holiday routes, the German Wine Route is a golden treasure for all tourists, gourmets and explorers!

Nº12 | Premium hiking trails

Many of the most beautiful hiking trails can be found in Rhineland-Palatinate. Some have the highest commendation a hiking trail can receive in Europe. Sounds like an excellent holiday, doesn't it?

Nº09 | Moselle valley

Nowhere else does wine grow as steeply as here. Also record-breaking: the many loops and loops of the Moselle. The Moselle valley is a sensation waiting for you to discover it.

Nº02 | Eltz Castle

A castle like in a fairy tale - with everything that goes with it: towers, bay windows, pointed roofs, thick walls and a castle bridge. So beautiful that it is now a star on Instagram.