Worms: Clear the stage for the city of heroes!

Worms is always good for a show. Every year the city on the Rhine thrills its thousands of visitors with the Nibelungen Festival in front of an impressive backdrop of the cathedral itself. Plus, history was also written here when Martin Luther spoke his famous words at the Bishop’s Palace in 1521 and changed the Christian world forever. You may be surprised at the whole range of things one of Germany’s oldest cities has to offer all year round.

Celts, Romans, Burgundian kings, Jewish scholars – for centuries, they all shaped the city and gave it so many aspects. And you can still discover them in so many places. If you’re someone who thinks Worms is only exciting during the Nibelungen Festival, prepare to be amazed. Even if it’s certainly one of the city’s particular highlights, the unique atmosphere in front of the imposing imperial cathedral ensures a spectacular setting at the Worms Theatre Festival. Goosebumps are guaranteed! And that’s certainly not all. The prominent rotating international ensemble of actors with cinema greats such as Mario Adorf, Maria Schrader, Klaus Maria Brandauer or Joachim Król turn the Nibelungen Festival into an unforgettable open-air highlight every year.

Niebelungen Festival against the impressive backdrop of Worms Cathedral, Rhine-Hesse

Niebelungen Festival against the impressive backdrop of Worms Cathedral, Rhine-Hesse

But it’s not only the stars of today that are drawn to the city on the Rhine. In the year 1521, the monk Martin Luther set off on a journey. At the Imperial Diet in Worms he refused to revoke his writings by saying, “Here I stand, I can do no other!” The Imperial Diet of Worms thus became the irreversible turning point in Christianity’s history.

Worms is therefore also Luther’s city and you can follow the historic events on the Luther walking tour in the city centre. On Lutherplatz you can then stand in front of the world’s largest monument to the reformer.

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The Jewish sites in Worms such as the Jewish Museum, Europe’s oldest Jewish cemetery and the Jewish quarter with its synagogue. Along with Speyer and Mainz, Worms is one of the ShUM cities. In the Middle Ages, they were important political and economic centres and locations of Europe’s oldest and at times largest Jewish communities. They are recognised as a Unesco world heritage site.


What also glitters…

The Rhine promenade, the Heylshof Gardens (Heylshofpark) right next to the cathedral and the annual Jazz & Joy music festival.

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