Reichsburg Cochem: Conquered, liberated, admired and celebrated

It’s unquestionably a crowd puller. Your backdrop is the perfect setting for the medieval castle festival in August, for a guest performance at the Mayen Castle Festival, a gourmet feast – or your wedding. The Reichsburg Cochem is situated majestically on a rocky outcrop, high above the Moselle valley and the town of Cochem.

It’s considered a landmark of castle romanticism. In the 19th century, the Berlin councillor and castle enthusiast Louis Ravené acquired the medieval ruin and lovingly reconstructed it entirely in keeping with the castle renaissance movement at the time. The family spent many summers in their elegant new home. You can experience how beautiful it is by visiting the Reichsburg. For example, at the Servants anno 1877 costume tour.

Enjoy your day at the castle and take a look at how the family lived back then but also what life in the castle looked like in the Middle Ages. On any of the tours, you can view the inner courtyards, but also the beautifully designed rooms such as the dining hall, the bower or the great hall. For children, there is a ghost tour and the Middle Ages Hands-on tour.

If you want to experience the Middle Ages up close and personal, you should certainly not miss the summer castle festival with jousting, jugglers, country stalls, medieval craftsmanship and mead, wine and barbecued food. Or why not book the Rittergasterey. This provides four hours of the finest the Middle Ages has to offer – after the castle tour, a country knight’s dinner is served in the castle keep. And the ancient table manners and customs apply here, of course. For entertainment, there’s some jousting and all sorts of joking around and amusing items between the food courses.

The medieval Reichsburg towers high above the town of Cochem, Moselle valley

The medieval Reichsburg towers high above the town of Cochem, Moselle valley

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The Cochem chairlift: it will take you 155 metres up to the Pinnerkreuz where you’ll have a fantastic view of Cochem, the Moselle and the Reichsburg.


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