Nahe cycle path: Where nature and culture enthusiasts really get moving.

Always along the river from the source to the mouth. Through forests, meadows and gorges, over rolling hills and through quiet valleys, past bizarre crags and sun-drenched vineyards. The Nahe cycle path takes you through the sheer variety of the Nahe river’s scenery.

It’s located in the middle of an idyllic beech forest, very close to the village of Selbach – the source of the Nahe. This is where the 127-kilometre cycle path begins, which takes you through six stages, 22 villages and towns until it flows into the Rhine.

The Nahe cycle path is ideal for you, if you like a relaxed, pleasantly invigorating and initially slightly hilly tour through lots of natural scenery and cultural heritage. It can be easily covered in three or four daily stages and allows you plenty of time to enjoy the ride.

There are plenty of lovely spots along the way. The most attractive certainly include the gemstone city of Idar-Oberstein, the ruins of the Disibodenberg monastery near Bad Sobernheim and the Salinental valley between Bad Kreuznach and Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg.

And if you like wine, there are some golden opportunities to indulge on the road. Your route passes by several of the finest dry white wine vineyards. Monzinger Frühlingsplätzchen, Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle, Traiser Bastei … to mention only a few.

Cycling past the impressive Rotenfels, Nahe

Impressive Rotenfels, Nahe

An enormous scarp face rises dramatically above the Traiser Bastei vineyard – the Rotenfels at Bad Münster am Stein. It is the undisputed highlight of the Nahe river’s scenery that is rich in spectacular eye-catching features. The reddish rock wall rises 200 metres above the Nahe. This is a record, as the huge Porphyry Massif is the highest scarp face north of the Alps.

Golden tip

Worth gold

Take the ferry from the Bad Münster spa park with its lovely art nouveau spa house to the other side of the Nahe. Just like 300 years ago, the ferry is still pulled by hand and takes you into the Huttental valley. Now you’ll take a stepped path that winds along the cliff, high up to the Rheingrafenstein ruined castle with a sensational view of the Nahe valley.


What also glitters…

Glittering examples on the Nahe cycle path are the gems of Kyrburg above Kirn, the Barfusspfad (barefoot path) in Bad Sobernheim and the bridge houses in Bad Kreuznach.

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