Moselle valley: Steep slopes, breathtakin views and a visit to Sleeping Beauty

Wine grows here on slopes as steep as hardly anywhere else. At the Bremmer Calmont near Cochem, the Moselle vineyards are on a gradient of up to 68 degrees. Also probably record-breaking are the many loops and curves that the Moselle makes on its 544 kilometre route from its French source to its confluence with the Rhine. The entire Moselle valley is unique and sensational. And it’s waiting for you to discover it.

Like the Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle. It’s located in one of the numerous curves the Moselle takes, not far from Cochem and is overlooked by the ruins of Metternich Castle. The small town of Beilstein on the right bank is named after the fairy-tale princess because it was largely cut off from the outside world for centuries and almost only accessible by ferry. And this is how you can marvel at the beautiful, almost unchanged face of the little town – its narrow alleyways with medieval timber-frame houses, the market square from 1322 with the former tithe house, the baroque Carmelite Church of St Joseph with the precious Black Madonna and the old princely cellar from the 18th century.

You can get to the Moselle’s Sleeping Beauty Beilstein not only along the river bank road sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left of the Moselle but also by cycling over the spectacular Mosel bike path: this premium cycle route is at this point on the left bank of the Moselle but from here you can cross on the ferry in very traditional style. You cycle for almost 250 kilometres on a mostly easy route along the river valley with views of the wonderful vineyards and world-famous wine-growing slopes, of ancient sites, romantic castles and striking rock formations. A tour on which you can even take your children with you.

Saarburg, the "little Venice" in the Moselle Valley, Moselle

Saarburg, the "little Venice" in the Moselle Valley, Moselle

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What is like to hike through the Moselle vineyards with someone who really knows his stuff? Who can explain to you how apricots get into the Riesling and the vines cling on to the steep face. In almost every wine locality you’ll find trained cultural and wine ambassadors, who can take you to some really interesting places and tell you all about wine and winegrowers.


What also glitters…

The 24 stages of the Moselsteig trail, Little Venice in Saarburg, insights into Roman life along the Roman roads and of course the Unesco world heritage site in Trier.

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