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He is the Man of the Millennium. Hardly anyone has had more impact on human development than he has: Johannes Gutenberg was a visionary, entrepreneur, engineer and the inventor of printing with movable type. Plus, he is the most famous son of the city of Mainz. The people of Mainz love him and have devoted one of their most attractive festivals to him. Every year on Midsummer Eve, hundreds of thousands of guests celebrate him for four days.

During your visit you soon find out that the people of Mainz love celebrating. At the wine market with the popular Schlenderweinprobe (wine-tasting walk) and of course at Carnival. On Rose Monday you can find out why so many people from all over the world come to celebrate. They sway along and sing together as is traditional in the shadow of the cathedral, which is in the centre of the medieval old town and is happy to provide seating for this too.

If you’re in Mainz, you should definitely try the Meenzer national dish Weck, Worscht & Woi (a hot dog with wine). It’s a must-have party item and this is of course also due to the Rheinhessen vineyards that surround Mainz. Rheinhessen is Germany's largest wine-growing region. For a very good reason, the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital is one of the world’s Great Wine Capitals, a global network of excellent wine towns and their regions.

But the people of Mainz are not only enthusiastic about festivities, Carnival and football (Mainz 05!), but also the field of research. The science city of Mainz is home to one of Germany’s largest universities and the brilliant biotechnology company BioNTech.

The Gutenberg statue dressed up for carnival in front of Mainz Cathedral, Rhine-Hesse

The Gutenberg statue dressed up for carnival in front of Mainz Cathedral, Rhine-Hesse

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In Mainz, people sit outside. And preferably with a glass of rhoihessischer wine and a little treat from one of the numerous wine bars in the old town, in snug courtyards or on any of the many squares, in the popular Augustinerstrasse or in quiet little side streets.


What also glitters…

Without a doubt, the world-famous windows of Marc Chagall in the Church of St Stephan, the Gutenberg Museum and the testimonies of Jewish life in the religious community of the Unesco ShUM Cities, the association of medieval Jewish history in the central cities of Mainz, Speyer and Worms.

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