Koblenz: Water, culture, wine and loads of fun!

When two of Europe’s most significant rivers meet each other, only something very special can happen. Koblenz, the city on the Rhine and Moselle is one of the top attractions in Rhineland-Palatinate: for culture enthusiasts as well as for those who love modern cities and nature and are wine connoisseurs. With its rich history and views of the breath-taking river valleys, the region is quite rightly a Unesco world heritage site. It can only be due to the innate modesty of the people of Rhineland-Palatinate that the whole world hasn’t heard of it yet. It’s high time to change that.

You can easily explore the city of Koblenz on foot at your leisure. Along the gorgeous Rhine terraces, past the splendid electoral palace and some of Germany’s oldest churches, across beautiful parks, to the 37-metre-high Kaiser Wilhelm monument at the Deutsches Eck.  

A ride on the Koblenz cable car is certainly one of the city’s best experiences. It is capable of transporting 7,600 people an hour and is the world’s most powerful cable car. It starts at the Deutsches Eck and has visitors floating above the Rhine at a height of 118 metres. This is where the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress – Europe’s second-largest preserved fortress – overlooks the whole show. The fortress site invites you to explore its museums, exhibitions and gardens in bloom and provides a fantastic stage for concerts and festivals. The view is stunning. From here, what is probably the city’s most famous site is at your feet – the Deutsches Eck.

View over the fortress and Deutsches Eck (German Corner), Romantic Rhine

Fortress and Deutsches Eck (German Corner), Romantic Rhine

At this special place, father Rhine and mother Moselle flow together. Even as long ago as 1216, the confluence was given the name Deutsches Eck by the Teutonic order settled there and is a popular rendezvous today.

There is still much more to report about this colourful, cosmopolitan and varied city. But when a Kowelenzer Schängelche (a local guy) starts telling his stories, he won’t stop anytime soon. It’s better if you come and visit and allow plenty of time to enjoy it yourself.

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A boat tour on the Rhine or Moselle. Whether at sunset, with live music or in peace and quiet: why not let yourself drift along the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a Unesco world heritage site, or take the wine trail along the Moselle, where the vineyards stretch almost vertically into the sky.


What also glitters…

Balduin Bridge, Schängelbrunnen (fountain), Josef Görres Platz square, Basilika Sankt Kastor, Vier Türme (ensemble of four historic buildings), Stolzenfels Castle, Augenroller (eye roller relief) on Florinsmarkt, weir with lock at the Mosellum.

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