Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park: Holiday in the middle of the jungle

Out of the city and into the wilderness! Only about an hour’s drive from Trier, Koblenz or Mainz is the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. It’s as big as 14,000 football pitches and it provides a wonderful place to retreat for people and animals. At least 75 per cent of the total area of the park is intended to be left entirely to nature in the long term and form a valuable habitat for rare species of fauna and flora. Pure relaxation and not just for nature.

The national park is located in a concealed area of the Hunsrück highlands and extends into Saarland. Its three gates, Erbeskopf, Wildenburg and Keltenpark are good starting points for a day out. Magnificent beech forests, a few stretches of moorland, over 380-million-year old quartzite rock, blooming wildflower meadows – why not immerse yourself in this hotspot region for biological diversity with species-rich fauna and flora. You’ll not only discover the traces of wild cats that live here. Evidence of Celtic people from 2,000 years ago is also hidden here. But you can even explore gemstone grinding shops and mines for visitors from more recent times. A visit to the mines is certainly a great experience for young and old. Otherwise, there are plenty of activities to suit everyone: premium hiking trails, fabulous loops and ranger tours are packed with golden moments. And suitable holiday accommodation is of course also available from regional providers who identify expressly with the objectives of the national park and offer sustainable programmes for the whole family. So why not get back to your roots and into the wild!

Fantastic views over the Hunsrück from the Windklang sculpture, Hunsrück

Fantastic views over the Hunsrück from the Windklang sculpture, Hunsrück

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Start your digital tours with the Nationalpark app. An augmented ranger will accompany you to the most important contact points. You have plenty of filter options, such as in relation to accessibility. The app also offers tours for people with impaired hearing, vision and mobility.


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Saar-Hunsrück-Steig (climb), high moor on the Ochsenbruch, Erbeskopf tower, national park exhibition in the Hunsrückhaus, Wuthering Peak dream loop, Kirschweiler Festung (hiking trail)

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Saar-Hunsrück-Steig trail


322,3 km

94:35 h
This tour covers the entire Rhineland-Palatinate part of the Saar-Hunsrück Climb. These are legs 25…

Traumschleife Gipfelrauschen (Wuthering Peak Dream Loop)


7,4 km

3:00 h
With the “Windklang” sculpture on the Erbeskopf in view, the path climbs steeply from Hunsrückhaus.…

National Park Dream Loop "Kirschweiler Festung"


9,1 km

3:00 h
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Aussichtsplattform "Windklang"

Hilscheid Artisanal sculpture "Klangspiel" on the Erbeskopf summit in the middle of the National park Hunsrück-Hochwald and the nature park Saar-Hunsrück


Hilscheid The Erbeskopfturm stands in the southwest of the Idarwald on the lying in the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park and the National Park Hunsrück-Hochwald.

Nationalparktor Erbeskopf

Hilscheid Exhibition round the Hunsrück landscape, forest, climate, environment and leisure. Adventure territory with forest playground, sensory path, summit…