Go for gold: Premium hiking trails for golden moments

Did you know you can find many of Germany’s most beautiful hiking trails in Rhineland-Palatinate? They lie like fine gold chains along the vineyard terraces, through the idyllic river valleys of the Rhine, Moselle, Nahe, Saar and Lahn, across huge forest areas and amazing volcanic scenery, past mystical fortresses and castles. Some have the highest commendation a hiking trail can receive in Germany and Europe. Sounds like an excellent holiday, doesn’t it?

Whether you simply want to enjoy nature and culture or climb to more challenging heights, the fantastic premium hiking regions of our state have many treasures waiting for you to discover. The German Hiking Institute has given awards to long-distance hiking trails and fabulous loops based on certain criteria. The quality of experience on the hiking trails and signage were evaluated among other factors. The long-distance trails of Rheinsteig, Eifelsteig, Saar-Hunsrück-Steig and Westerwaldsteig are very popular. Some of them are included among the Top Trails of Germany and are therefore officially cited as the most beautiful in the country. The Palatinate’s highly rated trails of Pfälzer Höhenweg, Pfälzer Weinsteig, and Pfälzer Waldpfad also make dreams come true for hikers of all ages. If you like wild romantic scenery, you’ll certainly enjoy the spectacular walks. The sights in the Eifel, the Westerwald and the Hunsrück can also be reached very easily on foot on the numerous certified loop trails. Certified quality hosts of Wanderbares Deutschland (Hiking Germany) will invite you to stop for a well-earned break. Scenery full of highlights – and amazing trails that connect everyone: what more could a hiking fan wish for?

The medieval Oberburg and Niederburg castles near Manderscheid, Eifel

The medieval Oberburg and Niederburg castles near Manderscheid, Eifel

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Worth gold

Enjoy unlimited hiking on the Moselsteig! At a total length of 365 kilometres, the Moselsteig is not only one of the longest but also one of the most varied premium long-distance hiking trails and is certified as the Leading Quality Trail – Best of Europe.


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Hiking trails and climbs: Soonwaldsteig, Lahnwanderweg, Natursteig Sieg, RheinBurgenWeg

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Long-distance hiking trails

Discover selected long-distance hiking trails and three Top Trails of Germany: Eifelsteig, Saar-Hunsrück-Steig and Westerwald-Steig.

Soonwaldsteig trail


83,8 km

25:10 h
A hike in tranquillity and solitude – right in the heart of Germany.



294,5 km

86:00 h
The Lahnwanderweg trail will make hikers‘ dreams come true. You will definetely get what is written…

RheinBurgenWeg – Complete Trail (South - North)


202,2 km

64:30 h
The cultural landscape of the RheinBurgenWeg trail is incredibly beautiful. The breath-taking,…

Pfälzer Höhenweg trail


114,6 km

33:00 h
The Pfälzer Höhenweg trail offers all kinds of variety, not just because the 112km long trail goes…

Pfälzer Weinsteig trail


185,2 km

57:00 h
The Pfälzer Weinsteig trail is pure Palatinate: the 170 kilometre long trail follows picturesque…

Pfälzer Waldpfad trail


144,1 km

38:00 h
The 140km long Pfälzer Waldpfad trail offers spectacular rocks, deep valleys and above all – forest…

Aussichtsplattform "Windklang"

Hilscheid Artisanal sculpture "Klangspiel" on the Erbeskopf summit in the middle of the National park Hunsrück-Hochwald and the nature park Saar-Hunsrück


Pünderich The observation tower "Prinzenkopf" (approx. 10 minutes' walk from Marienburg Castle) is considered one of the most beautiful vantage points on the…

Teufelstisch (Devil's Table)

Hinterweidenthal The Devil's Table ("Teufelstisch") is situated above the adventure park of the same name in Hinterweidenthal and is one of the most striking rocks in…