Bad Kreuznach: Saltworks – A day at the sea

Relax. Breathe easy. Experience some peace and quiet. And enjoy fresh sea air at the same time. Wouldn’t that be nice? Bad Kreuznach’s saltworks, Europe’s largest open-air inhalatorium, make it possible. Altogether they are more than a kilometre long, the huge timber constructions with blackthorn hedges on which salty water or brine trickles down. When walking through the Salinental valley, you’ll smell the healing air and feel the salty crystals on your lips.

The saltworks are the heart of this spa on the Nahe. They are fed by one of the valley’s mineral springs. In the past, they were in fact used to extract salt. Today the salty maritime microclimate attracts health-conscious visitors from all over the world.

The healing springs also feed the Crucenia Thermen thermal baths, which are located close to the river, at the centre of some magnificent natural scenery. In water at a temperature of more than 30 degrees, you can relax and stock up on energy in one of three indoor and outdoor pools. The thermal bath also includes the Dead Sea salt caves, where you can rest and inhale soothing ionised air.

The feelgood highlight in Bad-Kreuznach is the Bäderhaus (bath house) in the spa park. In this temple of wellbeing, you have 4,000 square metres of space with four Finnish saunas, three Roman steam baths, a hammam Turkish bath and a Moorish bath, with a penthouse pool on the large roof deck and spa massages for your soul on holiday.

Huge saltworks in the Salinental valley, Nahe

Huge saltworks in the Salinental valley, Nahe

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Wellbeing for your eyes is the beautiful medieval old town, which is called Neustadt or new town here. And of course, the timber-frame bridge houses on the old Nahe bridge.


What also glitters…

Bad Kreuznach glitters with the oldest radon healing cave in the world, in which chronic pain is treated. The spa also accommodates the Rhineland-Palatinate state rheumatism centre, six other highly specialised rehabilitation clinics and the Crucenia health centre for outpatient treatments.

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