Bad Ems: Health and wellbeing right on the river

“Calm is the source of every great strength”, as the great Russian writer Dostoevsky once said. And he found it in what was then the famous spa town of Bad Ems. In the 19th century, the cosmopolitan spa on the Lahn was in great demand among many European monarchs and artists. And today, one of Germany’s most modern and attractive thermal spa baths awaits you. Why not treat yourself to a break and enjoy the cleansing waters of the medicinal springs.

To do something positive for your body and soul, this health resort on the Lahn is the ideal place. The medicinal springs produce the healthy water in gushing abundance. In the former holiday residence of Kaiser Wilhelm I, you can taste the spring water fresh out of the ground. The famous Emser Pastilles® are also made from the salts extracted from it and shipped all over the world.

One real feelgood highlight is the Emser Therme (Ems thermal spring) right on the beautiful banks of the Lahn. The modern thermal bath provides you with a thermal spring landscape, a sauna park and spa gallery over 6,600 square metres – i.e. everything you need for relaxation. And in Germany’s first river sauna, you can even sweat and soak up the sun right on the Lahn itself. You should schedule at least three hours for your short break away from your daily routine.

If you want to know where the princes, kings and emperors stocked up their energy levels, a visit to the splendid Kurhaus is worthwhile. It looks back on over 700 years of construction history. With its 300-year-old fountain hall, which is built directly above the thermal springs. And a superb marble hall from 1839.

The famous Emser Kränchen (medicinal spring) in the fountain hall of Bad Ems, Lahn valley

The famous Emser Kränchen (medicinal spring) in the fountain hall of Bad Ems, Lahn valley

The spa on the Lahn was also recognised as a Unesco world heritage site in 2021 and is allowed to hold the highest international award that is granted to any cultural site. As one of the Great Spas of Europe, the historic spa district is presented as an extraordinary place that fascinates those who are keen on history and culture.

Golden tip

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Medicinal water from the Roman spring. The 42°C warm medicinal water already proved to have restorative effects for the ancient Romans with digestive problems. You can drink the water free of charge. The source is right on the Lahn cycle path, ideal for replenishing your drinking bottle.  


What also glitters…

Kurwaldbahn (funicular railway), Russian Church, Kursaal building, Malbergbahn (mountain railway), Brunnenhalle (fountain hall), Concordiaturm, (lookout tower), Four Towers House, St Martin’s Church, Kaiser Wilhelm monument, Quellenturm (water tower), Bad Ems Museum, Emser Kränchen (medicinal spring)

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