Loreley: She sings and entices with her golden curls

Legends, myths and poems tell her story, that of the beautiful Loreley. How she combed her golden hair on a rock and put the boatmen under her spell with her singing and thus drew them to their doom. A visit to the Loreley rock south of St Goarshausen is an absolute must-see for anyone travelling up or down the Rhine. Because only a few places have such a magical allure.

Get on board a ship and drift along the Rhine, as you enjoy the picturesque river scenery. Until, that is, the mighty river makes a sharp turn at the 555-kilometre mark. In front of you, the 125-metre-high Loreley rock protrudes out of the water at one of the most dangerous places on the Rhine. The river is only a third as wide here as it otherwise is and, depending on the water level, several rocks jut out of the water. Many ships have sunk and many people have lost their lives here. Even though some rocks have been blown up, only experienced boatmen with local knowledge can pass this point.

And you can imagine how Loreley robbed the boatmen of their minds with her sweet voice and her golden curls. Whether it was in reality only the swishing of the rapids, the echoes in the valley and the golden sunshine over the summit, is something you’d best find out for yourself. Today the mythical Loreley in the form of a bronze statue occupies a headland on the Rhine at St Goarshausen.

On the plateau of the famous Loreley rock, the Strahlenweg (radiant path) in the cultural and scenic park, which was redesigned in 2019, leads you up to the top of the rock and the Mythenpfad (path of myths) takes you to six vantage points with spectacular views of the canyon-like Rhine valley. All the paths are barrier-free and a pleasant outing for visitors of all ages.

Enjoying the view of the famous Loreley rock, Romantic Rhine

The view of the Loreley Rock, Romantic Rhine

Golden tip

Worth gold

A live concert on the Loreley open-air stage. Situated high above the Rhine, right next to the Loreley rock and embedded in a unique setting, events take place in this amphitheatre today from rock and pop to classical music. Bob Dylan, U2, Metallica, Herbert Grönemeyer, Peter Maffay – they have all been here and many other stars will follow them.


What also glitters…

Loreley-Bob summer toboggan run, Loreley wine trail, Mouse Castle, St Goar with Rheinfels Castle.

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