Eltz Castle: Selfie with an ancient star

A castle like in a fairy tale with everything that goes with it – towers, alcoves, pitched roofs, thick walls and a castle bridge. Eltz Castle has been somewhat hidden away in a side valley of the Moselle for more than 850 years, in the middle of a forest on a rocky promontory. So fabulously beautiful that it has now become a star on Instagram.

You’ll probably have to pinch yourself when you see this fantastic apparition for the first time. Eltz Castle makes an impression like virtually no other. And the reason for this is certainly that it has survived the last few centuries relatively unscathed. While most of the numerous knight’s castles in the region are left only in ruins, it was never conquered or devastated and never fell victim to any latter-day for modernisation.

This is mainly due to its owners. Since 1157 the castle has been the seat of the Moselle’s noble Eltz family, which has taken care of the castle and its grounds for 34 generations. In the course of 500 years, eight different residential towers were built that were up to 35 metres high with more than a hundred rooms. You can visit quite a few of the rooms inside, most of which are still furnished in their completely original style.

Especially interesting and worth seeing are the Rodendorf kitchen from the 15th century, the inspiring great hall or the treasure chamber rich in precious items.

What is fascinating and certainly the best-known visual image is the impressive silhouette of Eltz Castle and the instant with the most golden sunbeam or the most mysterious shroud of fog that gently wafts around them. The golden moments you shouldn’t miss either.

Historic walls of the fairytale castle Eltz, Eifel

Historic walls of Eltz Castle, Eifel

Golden tip

Worth gold

Bring some time with you and follow the Eltz Castle Traumpfad panorama trail. It goes 12 kilometres from and to Wierschem past fields, through the peaceful meadows of the Elzbach and across moss-covered crags through the Eltz Forest, a beautiful nature reserve full of rare fauna and flora.


What also glitters…

The inner courtyard of the castle steeped in 500 years of Eltz’s construction history, a whole series of impressive works of art such as the masterpiece of Lucas Cranach the Elder, the Madonna and child with grapes, and Agnes, the castle ghost.

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