Healthy water on the sunny side of the Rhine

In the northern Rhine Valley, the vineyards growing Riesling grapes are bathed in golden sunlight until late into the autumn. The spa and wine resort of Bad Hönningen is proud of its location on the sunny right bank of the Rhine. Besides the sunshine, there are plenty of other good reasons to visit this spa resort between Koblenz and Bonn, including a spot of relaxation and wellness in the Kristall Rheinpark-Therme with its spacious sauna complex and extensive wellness facilities, enjoying the regional cuisine in the restaurants, and exploring the range of footpaths around the Rhine countryside and the Rhine-Westerwald Nature Park.

The thermal spa of Bad Hönningen sits right on the Rhine surrounded by vineyards. The ‘Kristall Rheinpark-Therme’ not only harnesses the positive healing effects of the water but also applies ancient knowledge on the energy and healing powers of gemstones. In the spa, this knowledge is reflected in the Venetian-style interior featuring healing gemstones like something from the Tales of One Thousand and One Nights. The mineral water from the Bad Hönningen healing spring has a positive effect on the heart and the circulation, and relieves rheumatic pain.

The water in the various indoor and outdoor pools has a temperature of up to 35°C and a salt content of 1.5 %. The mineral water supports the metabolic processes, eases tense muscles and relieves skin problems. Underwater massage jets stimulate the circulation and provide a pleasant head-to-toe tingling sensation.

View of the Kristall Rheinpark-Therme in Bad Hönningen, Romantic Rhine

View of the Kristall Rheinpark-Therme in Bad Hönningen, Romantic Rhine

The town’s pretty little streets and the wide sweeping river are perfect for a stroll. With 1.5 kilometres of riverside promenade and 60 kilometres of marked footpaths in the local woods, there are plenty of different options for walks of all lengths. Among the best are the paths along the Rhine lined with grand old trees and the sunshine path around Arenfels Castle, which features on the local ‘Hönninger Schlossberg’ wines. Twelve different grape varieties grow in the area, with 40% of the vines bearing red fruit. There are also Pinot Meunier vines, which are a real rarity on the Rhine.

Walk up to the Rheinbrohler Ley near Bad Hönningen, Romantic Rhine

Walk up to the Rheinbrohler Ley near Bad Hönningen, Romantic Rhine

Arenfels Castle near Bad Hönningen surrounded by vines, Romantic Rhine

Arenfels Castle near Bad Hönningen surrounded by vines, Romantic Rhine

The 17th stage of the Rheinsteig trail leads from Leutesdorf to Bad Hönningen, straight through Hammerstein and to the heights of the ruined castle of the same name, within whose thick walls Holy Roman Emperors Henry IV and Henry V kept the imperial insignia, including the imperial crown, the holy lance and the imperial sword. The tower of St George’s Church is home to the oldest bells in the Middle Rhine, which date back to 1050.

The two long-distance Rheinsteig and Westerwaldsteig trails meet at the ‘RömerWelt’ interactive museum in Rheinbrohl, which forms part of the district of Bad Hönningen. The Roman ‘Limes’ boundary wall to keep out the barbaric Teutons led from there to the Danube. The watchtowers were all within eyeshot of one another. Limes Tower no. 1 and the first Roman castle are in the forest between Rheinbrohl and Bad Hönningen. A replica Limes tower can be seen right on the banks of the Rhine.

After a walk along the Rhine or a hike through the vineyards, the ‘Kristall Rheinpark-Therme’ is the perfect place to relax with a mineral water bath or a massage.

Limes tower in Rheinbrohl, Romantic Rhine

Limes tower in Rheinbrohl, Romantic Rhine

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Bad Hönningen

The idyllic thermal spa of Bad Hönningen sits among vineyards right on the Rhine. The thermal waters from this mineral spring are rich in minerals and carbonation and have very beneficial effects.

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