Fire, water and music

Music and water, films and fireworks, light and high-tech lasers: the ‘Klangwelle’ festival has been dazzling the Ahr valley in the north of Rhineland-Palatinate since 2014. This light and music spectacular previously had its home in Bonn on the river Rhine for nearly 10 years. It then moved to Bad Neuenahr, where it now captivates visitors from near and far throughout two long autumn weekends. They come to enjoy not only the show but also the wine and local delicacies. There is plenty of space to stand outside, with live music and all sorts of stands serving tasty treats.

Those who prefer to sit can get comfortable in the raised seating in the Klang Lounge to watch the show. It begins at 8 p.m. and the drama heightens with every act. The new theme every year is showcased in spectacular film and fireworks before the eyes of the spectators. Added to this are hundreds of thousands of water sprays and fountains with precision execution and timing. It is a highly technical, choreographic masterpiece putting out 35,000 litres of water per minute.

Laser and water show at Klangwelle festival Bad Neuenahr, Ahr valley

Laser and water show at Klangwelle festival in Bad Neuenahr, Ahr valley

In 2019, the Klangwelle was dedicated to ‘milestones in world history’: the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany, the first moon landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall. A journey through time on the big screen, with a contemporary and traditional musical score. A creative blend of classical, rock, modern and pop music. You can even enjoy a drop of the local wine during the breaks. And at the end, there is enough time to wind down in the park in the company of your family and friends.

Fire show at Klangwelle festival in Bad Neuenahr, Ahr valley

Spectacular fire show at Klangwelle festival in Bad Neuenahr, Ahr valley

High-tech laser show at Klangwelle festival in Bad Neuenahr, Ahr valley

Fascinating high-tech laser show at Klangwelle festival in Bad Neuenahr, Ahr valley

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