Wine and gemstones – an exclusive connection

With vineyards sloping in the sunshine, rugged cliffs, gentle pastures and mysterious sparkling gemstones, the soil of the Nahe region boasts extraordinary riches you can not only see but also taste. The area around Idar-Oberstein is known as gemstone country. Amethysts, jaspers and other gemstones were mined here for centuries and transformed by gemstone polishers and goldsmiths into jewellery and works of art, a tradition that continues to this day.

The Nahe region is also famous for its outstanding wines that are high in minerality. The wines grown and cultivated here are primarily whites that benefit from the multi-layered terroir of this unique landscape and the expertise of the Nahe winemakers. Although you can sample Nahe wines from the comfort of your own home, it is a real treat to enjoy them where they are grown.

A couple at a wine tasting with a winemaker, Nahe

A couple at a wine tasting with a winemaker, Nahe

The Nahe.Wein.Vinothek wine bar is the perfect place to meet up, linger a while, enjoy a drop or two and talk wine. You can taste (virtually) the whole of the Nahe, with a range of 150 wines from 50 winemakers, of which 50 are available by the glass for tasting.

Enjoying a bottle of Edelschliff wine amidst the vineyards near Niederhausen, Nahe

Enjoying a bottle of Edelschliff wine amidst the vineyards near Niederhausen, Nahe

One of the highlights of the Nahe region is the ‘Edelschliff’. This is an exclusive wine produced in strictly limited numbers and that perfectly combines the two treasures of the Nahe region – gemstones and wine.

Every two years, experts carry out a blind tasting to select a dry Riesling, which is then used to produce just 1,000 Edelschliff bottles. In 2021, the 2020 Königsschild Riesling trocken produced by Langenslonsheim winemaker Christian Honrath was bestowed the honour. It is harmonious yet multifaceted, with a well-balanced, delicate acidity to tickle your taste buds. Each generation of ‘Edelschliff’ is paired with a decorative gemstone. In 2021, this is the onyx – black, gleaming matt and silky soft to the touch. Each stone is hand-set in silver and affixed to the Edelschliff bottles, making them a real work of art both inside and out, almost too good to drink.

The German Gemstone Museum in Idar-Oberstein is a journey through the history of gemstones in the Nahe region. There is a miniature gemstone polishing works to demonstrate how agates and jaspers are processed. You can admire more than 10,000 exhibits across three floors, with temporary exhibitions and an ‘exhibit of the month’ to provide interesting insights into the world of gemstones.

You can even have a go for yourself: some of the gemstone workshops in Idar-Oberstein offer workshops. Or you can visit the Open Studios Day, when some 20 participating studios open up their doors and you can look over the shoulders of jewellery designers and goldsmiths to see just how these incredible pieces are made. You could even buy a one-off of your own as a souvenir of the Nahe region.

Handmade jewellery in a gemstone workshop, Nahe

Handmade jewellery in a gemstone workshop, Nahe

Cutting gemstones in the historic Weiherschleife in Idar-Oberstein, Nahe

Cutting gemstones in the historic Weiherschleife in Idar-Oberstein, Nahe

Treasure hunting on the Nahe

Have you always dreamed about a proper treasure hunt and finding magnificent jewels and riches? Then follow Martin Seidler to the Nahe and uncover secrets about the region’s precious gemstones. Head deep down into the mine on your hunt and you will be enchanted by the glittering interplay of light and shadow. The gemstone polishers will be happy to show you how the stones have been made to shine for more than 500 years to produce real one-offs like the ‘Edelschliff’ edition – the perfect symbiosis of wine and stone.

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