Unfortunate Fortunatus

Risen from the ruins. Until 1990, the castle in Kastellaun was no more than some old ruined walls on a hill above the town. Then it was extensively renovated, with parts of the lower castle rebuilt and the upper castle restored such that it is now accessible again.

Today, Kastellaun Castle is a jewel and an interactive space offering lots of possibilities. There is a castle tavern, with plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy a hearty medieval feast. Next door are the archers, or maybe a couple of school groups who have moved their classroom to the castle.

Above it flutters the red and white flag of the Counts of Sponheim, who were the lords of Kastellaun, gave the settlement a town charter and defended it against the troops of the Electoral Prince of Trier. Simon II and his wife Elisabeth, a real fairy-tale couple who actually lived here at one point, are still honoured today.

But they are not the town mascot, which is a cheeky knight with a goatee beard who greets guests wherever they go. He is called Eduard Fortunatus and was actually nowhere near as fortunate as his name suggests. Originally from Baden, he came to the Hunsrück in 1594 in massive debt and took over the castle, which had no longer belonged to the Sponheims since 1437. He was a blackmailer and a murderer, flogged the shire off to the Fuggers before falling from the tower drunk.

Kastellaun Castle in Kastellaun, Hunsrück

Kastellaun Castle in Kastellaun in the evening, Hunsrück

Mascot "Fortunatus" at the museum of Kastellaun Castle, Hunsrück

Mascot "Fortunatus" at the museum of Kastellaun Castle, Hunsrück

He is a curious figure who makes people chuckle and shows them the chequered past of Kastellaun in the Hunsrück. The Regional History Museum in the lower castle in Kastellaun opened in 2007 and provides interesting information visitors might otherwise not know: from the Celts via the Romans to the Middle Ages and the Cold War, it documents everything in an extraordinary exhibition in the historic castle complex.

The Saar-Hunsrück trail and various guided tours in historical costume lead through the castle. Today, Kastellaun Castle is full of life again, as is the little town lined with half-timbered houses over which it towers.

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