The "KuWeiBos" are the highlight of any tour

You may not have heard of the KuWeiBos, or culture and wine ambassadors, but the Moselle would not be nearly as lovely without them. These qualified tour guides spend their time making sure that visitors get to see the very best side of the Moselle all year round. But, above all, they are passionate ambassadors for the wines of the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer regions, and the cultural landscape. They know their stuff better than anyone, there is nobody better to explain wine-making to visitors to the Moselle, to guide them around a castle, to point out rare plants by the side of the path or to find a way to secluded spaces off the beaten tourist tracks. And they travel not only on foot, but also by bike, Segway, boat and four-by-four.

Lisa Möntenich is one of them. Even when Cochem is heaving with tourists, she manages to show off its most tranquil side. She pilots her guests up and down steps through the old diocesan town. First, it is up to the Capuchin monastery towering on rugged cliffs above the town. Down below, the Moselle flows around a final bend before the straight section to Koblenz. From above, there are views over the whole town of Cochem, including the Reichsburg castle.

The Reichsburg with its massive tower is the most famous landmark in Cochem and sits more than 100 metres above the Moselle. There are guided tours every day, lasting 40 minutes and taking in the knights’ hall, the hunting room and the women’s chambers. The best way to climb up from Cochem to the Reichsburg is past the ‘Tummelchen’ with its old ‘Zuckertürmchen’ (sugar tower), which served to guard the town’s borders.

The Reichsburg castle in Cochem, Moselle

The Reichsburg castle in Cochem, Moselle

The ‘Cochemer Ritterrunde’, one of the Moselle Seitensprünge trails, is made up of two loops of around 10 kilometres each around the Winneburg ruins and the Reichsburg. The route starts at the base station of the Cochem chairlift, where walkers have to make their first decision: to walk or take the lift. The narrow footpath up to the Pinnerkreuz cross is less spectacular and takes a little effort, but makes for a good walk. Of course, the chairlift is the more comfortable way of scaling the 360 metres of altitude past the rugged slate slopes.

The mountain station has a restaurant and terrace boasting lovely views, and from there it just a short walk to the Pinnerkreuz with its spectacular vistas over the Moselle and the Reichsburg. The cross is said to be dedicated to a shepherd called Pinner, who risked his life to save a sheep from falling from up here. From the Pinnerkreuz, there is a level path to the Wackelei, from where you can see both the Moselle and the two Ritterrunde castles. The path leads through the Enderttal valley to the ruins of Winnerburg castle, which once watched over the strategically important mountains of the Eifel and the Trier hinterlands. In the 17th century, the castle was owned by the von Metternich family and was blown up by French troops in 1689. Only the castle keep, the palace, the gate hall and parts of the walls and other buildings remain.

Guided tours of the Reichsburg in Cochem, Moselle

Guided tours of the Reichsburg in Cochem, Moselle

The market place in Cochem, Moselle

The market place in Cochem, Moselle

The first loop of the Ritterrunde ends on the steps, diagonally opposite the chairlift top station, where the second loop of the walk begins. It leads through the town forest to the ‘old’ Viktoriahöhe, the Hubertushöhe viewpoint, past the Reichsburg to the little Chapel of St Peter and the Martinstor city gate, and through the market square in Cochem.

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Find out all you need to know about events, sights and other attractions in Cochem on the Moselle from the Cochem Tourist Information centre.

"Seitensprünge" - Distractions on the Moselle

"Seitensprünge" - These little walks around the Moselle guarantee plenty of variety. They take you up through the vineyards to the nearby hills of the Eifel and Hunsrück.

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