270 deep breaths for a real spa treat in the Lahn valley

You cannot help but be embarrassed as you spot the pool of sweat that has formed on the wooden bench underneath you. “Sorry,” you think to yourself and quickly straighten the towel. The aromatic infusion has brought you out in a proper sweat and you simply had to sit one step lower down. You feel the relaxing tingle on your skin caused by the combination of the essential oils and the heat, and gradually the tension in your muscles from the stress of everyday life begins to ease. You can enjoy the riverscape outside, soak up the unique views and listen to the river Lahn tumbling down towards the weir. It is an incredibly relaxing kind of background noise. What a luxury it is for you to sit here, with no appointments, no phone and no smart watch.

A couple relaxing on the terrace of the FlussSauna in Bad Ems, Lahn valley

On the expansive sun terrace, the fresh air gets your circulation going again, Lahn valley

Just relaxing in this floating river sauna is a joy. And the whole Emser Therme experience with all the baths, pools and saunas is the perfect way to recuperate. The healing thermal springs, with more than 30 minerals and trace elements, are a real good deed for your body. You close your eyes for a bit and look forward to the cooling phase to come, to sitting on the spacious sun terrace wrapped in a soft gown and listening to the gentle lapping of the Lahn as the fresh breeze gently gets your circulation going and the rays of sunshine pleasantly tickle your nose. When you open your eyes again, you see your companion standing in front of the panoramic window on the river. The heat is gradually becoming enough for you. Outside, you let the cooling water of the surge shower flow over you and breathe in the cool air. The icy water is unbelievably tingly, making you wide awake again for a moment.

Just 20 minutes in the whirlpool bath and then you are both ready for a walk through the historic spa district, with its sophisticated casino and spacious landscaped spa gardens. In the 19th century, emperors, tzars and other nobility used to come here to use the baths and enjoy a healthy refreshing summer break. This is also evident in the stately decoration of the buildings along the banks of the Lahn. It is not for nothing that Bad Ems is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of the ‘Great Spas of Europe’.

View of the FlussSauna at the Emser Therme in bright sunshine, Lahn valley

Germany's first floating FlussSauna on the Lahn, Lahn valley

A couple relaxes on two deckchairs in the Emser Therme, Lahn valley

Relaxation from everyday life in the Emser Therme, Lahn valley

As you stroll around, no doubt you will find a pretty little shop selling interesting stuff before you head back in the evening to the Emser Thermenhotel, where you have checked in for a stylish double room with a view over the river. All that is left is a lovely meal at the restaurant and a little drink at the bar to mark the end to a perfect day!

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Spa House / baroque bathhouse

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Marble Hall Bad Ems

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Bad Ems A Guinness Book suspected source: With its 57° C it is one of the hottest in Germany.