Culinary pleasures

Enjoy food in Romantic Germany

A good bottle of wine and good food were made for each other. It makes no difference whether you choose the excellent gourmet cooking of a top chef or a rustic winegrower's buffet. Your hosts, from wine taverns to gourmet restaurants, are all dedicated to the code of honour of good hospitality.


Preference is given to top-quality regional and seasonal ingredients. The very mild temperatures in the Palatinate allow chestnuts, figs, apricots and almonds to be grown. On the steep slopes of the Moselle vineyards, the Moselle vineyard peach with its deep red flesh ripens. Why not try a spritzer of vineyard peach liqueur in Winzersekt? Delightfully fruity, refreshingly zesty and a pleasure to taste and behold!

Update on the situation in the Ahr valley

The Ahr valley and its tourism infrastructure are still severely affected by the consequences of the flood disaster in July. In the meantime, however, some tourism offers are available again to a limited extent. You can find out what is currently available in the region by clicking on the following link. In all other parts of Rhineland-Palatinate, excursions and holidays are possible without any problems.

Gourmet restaurants

Culinary pleasures of a very high standard

A good wine requires a good meal. And in romantic Germany there is plenty of both! A large variety of restaurants in the ten holiday regions of Rhineland-Palatinate offers everything from small taverns to gourmet restaurants. Fresh and regional dishes with high-quality ingredients are the standard. Vegetables from Hunsrück and Westerwald, fish from the Rhine and Moselle, venison dishes from the Palatinate and Eifel. Wine is an omnipresent companion to the regional specialities. Everything is served with love and dedication.  

Culinary pleasures at a high standard

Culinary pleasures at a high standard

More culinary travel highlights and activities:

Culinary events

Taste the local specialties and the variety of culinary delights at events and festivals in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Discover the region between the rivers Rhine and Moselle: fantastic landscapes, culture and castles, hospitable people, typical, regional food and excellent wines...