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Accessible Rhineland-Palatinate

Our different regions are perfect for fun holidays where there is no need to forgo comfort. First-class accommodation and a variety of interesting leisure activities or idyllic wine estates will make your holiday in Rhineland‑Palatinate an unforgettable one. An accessible trolley tour, for example, is a perfect way to enjoy nature either actively or passively from a wheelchair.

All of the accessible accommodation and excursion tips provided have been carefully checked for accessibility by a specially trained inspector and certified in accordance with the nationwide ‘Tourism for All' scheme. They focus on catering to the requirements of visitors with limited mobility. The inspection reports give you an idea of what things are like from the comfort of your own home and you can check whether your personal needs can be accommodated. So there is nothing standing in the way of a relaxing holiday.

Accommodation options for visitors with limited mobility

Spend the night in comfort

Let us show you our accommodation for guests with limited mobility, certified in accordance with the ‘Tourism for All’ scheme. 

Excursion tips for visitors with limited mobility

Accessible leisure tips

There is a great deal to discover in Rhineland‑Palatinate: Fascinating natural landscapes, such as the breathtaking river valleys or the deep blue maars of the Eifel, all shaped by the forces of nature over thousands of years. The Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park is young by comparison but no less impressive. There are tremendous views from the Skywalk on the Erbeskopf, the highest mountain in Rhineland‑Palatinate at an altitude of 816 m.

You can experience thousands of years of history first-hand in Trier, the oldest city in Germany. A visit to the Stöffel Park or the Dinosaur Park provides a glimpse of times gone by.

For those looking for the healthy option, there are traditional spa resorts offering both inviting spa gardens and accessible spas and other health treatments.


Accessibility verified for limited mobility wheelchair-users hearing-impaired people deaf people People with visual impairment blind people people with cognitive impairment
  • Restaurant " Im Heisterholz"

    Hemmelzen Let us spoil you with our renowned cuisine. Whether Westerwald specialities from our own agriculture or the fresh fish dishes from our trout breeding.…

  • Tourist-Information Hermeskeil

    Hermeskeil tourist-information office

  • People and Landscape” Museum

    Hermeskeil Museum Experience “Man and his Environment” Interactive museum experience “Man and the countryside” in the information centre of the Saar-Hunsrück…

  • Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand

    Herrstein At the Tourist Information EdelSteinLand - Herrstein office - you will receive detailed information about hosts, sights, the Hunsrück-Hochwald…

  • Herxheim Museum

    Herxheim bei Landau Stroll through the cultural history section and marvel at the cigar wrappers and looms. Immerse yourself in the history of tobacco in Herxheim. You…

  • Elmar-Weiler-Festhalle Herxheim

    Herxheim bei Landau The Festhalle is an open house and an ideal venue for regional and national events. The premises shine in new splendour and a modern, contemporary…

  • Villa Wieser mit Dorfbrunnen

    Herxheim bei Landau Villa Wieser with village fountain Directly in the centre of Herxheim lies the Villa Wieser, which has developed over the years into a cultural…

  • Verein Südliche Weinstrasse Herxheim e.V.

    Herxheim bei Landau The association Südliche Weinstrasse Herxheim e.V. is the tourism office for the association community of Herxheim with headquarters in the town hall.…

  • Aussichtsplattform "Windklang"

    Hilscheid Artisanal sculpture "Klangspiel" on the Erbeskopf summit in the middle of the National park Hunsrück-Hochwald and the nature park Saar-Hunsrück

  • Nationalparktor Hunsrückhaus

    Hilscheid Exhibition round the Hunsrück landscape, forest, climate, environment and leisure. Adventure territory with forest playground, sensory path, summit…

  • Keramikmuseum Westerwald

    Höhr-Grenzhausen In the ceramics museum in Höhr-Grenzhausen you will find almost everything on the subject of clay and ceramics on 2500 m²:from clay mining, - past and…

  • Globus-Gastronomie

    Idar-Oberstein THE GLOBUS RESTAURANT For many customers, shopping at Globus ends in the brand's own restaurant. Whether to fortify themselves, to rest, to eat well…

‘Tourism for All’: What’s the idea?

‘Tourism for All’ is a nationwide accessibility accreditation scheme. It has been developed over several years of collaboration and coordination with a range of stakeholder associations as part of the ‘Tourism for All’ project sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. For the ‘Tourism for All’ certification, a specially trained inspector surveys the accessibility of a given site based on a detailed catalogue of criteria. The data is then viewed and evaluated by the federal testing body and detailed test reports are produced. These test reports give travellers an exact idea of what things are like before they set off, allowing them to make their own decisions as to whether the facilities are suitable for their needs.

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