Alzey · Rheinhessen

On the second weekend in may everything is about Georg Scheu, a famous citizen and leader of the vine breeding institution from 1909 to 1947. Since 2000 already the city annually awards the desired wine culture prize, also known as Georg- Scheu badge or Scheu award.

Since 2018 Alzey celebrates the 'Scheu time' around the award ceremony. On friday the celebration takes place next to the city hall. Thew visitors get lots of rhinehessian wines, selected dishes and diverse stage program with live music within an amazing atmosphere.

On saturday the award winners will get their trophies and certificates in the frame of a huge festive wine tasting. The representatives of the awarded companies will be among the guests to answer questions.

The stalls are again open from 6pm. Here you can taste the excellent Scheurebe wines. Furthermore 20 wineries of the winemakers from Alzey offer their most popular grape varieties to taste.

On sunday the festival begins at 11am.



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Stadthalle Alzey
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