Wine festivals in Romantic Germany

Tradition & pure joy of life

The wine festivals in the regions around Rhine and Moselle are a pure pleasure, as diverse as the grapes that are grown and pressed here. Streets, lanes and squares are decorated, garlands of leaves and coloured ribbons bedeck the wine stalls. The air is full of music and the scent of wine. Often, there are colourful processions through the villages to celebrate the pleasure of wine and its traditions. Wine festivals may culminate in the crowning of wine princesses, queens or even Bacchus, the god of wine.

  • Birkweiler Weinwinter (Birkweiler Wine Winter)

    from 08.12.2023 - 10.12.2023

    Birkweiler The rather unique winter wine festival!
  • Ilbesheim Advent

    from 16.12.2023 - 17.12.2023

    Ilbesheim b. Landau Ilbesheim Advent ... a pre-Christmas wine experience in the winegrowers'…
  • Red wine walk with torch-lit hike on Friday

    from 26.01.2024 - 28.01.2024

    Freinsheim Red wine hike with torchlight walk on Friday
  • Bad Dürkheim Vineyard Night

    from 01.03.2024 - 02.03.2024

    Bad Dürkheim The highlight of the Bad Dürkheim WeinNächte (Wine Nights) is the Vineyard Night – the…
  • Frühlingsmarkt

    from 23.03.2024 - 24.03.2024

    Herxheim am Berg Spring market in Herxheim am Berg
  • Portes Ouvertes Via mosel'

    from 06.04.2024 - 07.04.2024

    Saarburg Experience in one weekend the most beautiful wineries and wine villages of the borderless…
  • Blütenfest

    from 20.04.2024 - 21.04.2024

    Freinsheim Blossom Festival with presentation of the new wine vintage 2023
  • Donnersberger Weinforum


    Zellertal The 12th Donnersberg Wine Forum will take place at the Bremer Winery. Under the motto…
  • Frühlingsfest mit Frühlingswanderung

    from 26.04.2024 - 28.04.2024

    Weisenheim am Sand Spring festival with Sunday shopping
  • Middle Rhine Wine Spring in the Bopparder Hamm


    Spay Since 1996, local vintners and chefs have been inviting guests to enjoy culinary delights from…
  • Partnerschafts- Wein- und Heimatfest


    Weisenheim am Berg Partnership, wine and local history festival, Weisenheim am Berg
  • Open Wine Cellar Days

    from 09.05.2024 - 12.05.2024

    Traben-Trarbach Enjoy the riesling wine and typical meals of the region.

Wine festivals Rhineland-Palatinate - Experience enjoyable wine events

Viticulture has been an important part of cultural and social life in Rhineland-Palatinate since Roman times - often in strenuous manual labor, the vintners of our regions create absolutely top-class wines, which they are only too happy to present to you at the countless and convivial wine festivals in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Just come and experience one of our wine events in Rhineland-Palatinate up close! You can also find more varied events throughout RLP in the Rhineland-Palatinate event calendar.

Six wine regions in Rhineland-Palatinate

Wine holidays & more

Rhineland-Palatinate is Germany's number one wine-producing region. Its mild, sunny climate and nutrient-rich soils are perfectly suited for growing grapes. The six wine regions of the Ahr, Moselle, Middle Rhine, Nahe, Rheinhessen and Palatinate encompass the full range of German wines. Those regions are also home to a rich cultural life of fine cuisine, fascinating history and a wide range of leisure activities. The pleasure will be all yours!


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