Volker Rosin - Das Disco Krokodil


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With his new programme "Das Disco Krokodil " Volker Rosin, the king of children's disco, makes all children sing and dance. The musician and entertainer can already look back on over 40 years of stage experience. More than 6 million recordings prove his success with his young audience and make him one of the most successful children's artists in Germany. In his show he sings, dances, hops and tramples. Absolute participation is always the order of the day. And of course he also has his new hits "Die Kuh Mathilde", "Baby Hai" and "Mama Laudaaa" in his luggage. In addition, the popular classics "The Gorilla with the Sunglasses", "The Singing Kangaroo" and "The Song about Me" will not be missing. At his children's disco party, hit follows hit. No part of the body remains still and some children are even allowed on stage to sing with Volker Rosin himself. Many parents have grown up with Volker Rosin's songs themselves and enjoy the songs of their childhood. This is pure party! His joy in interacting with the children is always palpable and authentic. Even after more than 40 years, his live programme is always spontaneous - and always at eye level with the little concert guests. It goes without saying that he is available after his concert for autograph requests and photos in the midst of his little fans.


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