Entdeckerführung im ältesten Weinkeller Deutschlands


Trier, Stadt Trier · Mosel

Trier is a must for wine lovers, because the wine culture in the region has a 2000-year tradition. Most likely, the Roman wine god Bacchus would have personally chosen a glass of Riesling from Trier.

The wine cellar of Vereinigte Hospitien also bears witness to the 2000-year tradition. It is not a dusty museum, but full of life and enjoyment, a place of discovery and for explorers. Built around 330 AD during the heyday of the Roman imperial city of Trier, the oldest wine cellar in Germany served the Roman citizens as a magazine and storehouse. During the tour you will get a little insight into the checkered history of the oldest wine cellar in Germany and you can taste the house wine at the same time.

Dates: Wednesdays and Fridays, 11 a.m
Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Prices: Adults EUR 15.00
Language: German

We recommend the tour for guests aged 16 and over. In accordance with the Youth Protection Act, we do not sell wine to young people under the age of 16. Due to limited participation capacity, we recommend pre-registration.


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